Beat The Delete #0156 (weekly new music recommendations)



Track: Palm Sunday From: Past Life Regression (album) Label: Slumberland Records Out: 01 April 2022
After the extended release of four perfect singles from this album, we are literally just around the corner to hearing the next great album from a Jason Quever project that has never disappointed.

Somewhere Underwater

Track: Seulement Dans Mes Rêves From: Seulement Dans Mes Rêves (single) Label: AdP Records Out: Now
Beautifully melodic and subtle shoegaze, that takes the essence of all things 80s amd 90s from acts like Slowdive and Lush.


Track: Little Sieve From: Little Sieve (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
I love the little write up by a fan on Annmarie Duff’s (aka T.G.Shand) Bandcamp page, from someone delightfully called ‘Dogfood Williams’…”Annemarie has the loveliest Fraserian voice and writes such delicate pretty songs” – add to this haunted, dreamy jangle pop and you are in the right beautiful ballpark.

La Prise

Track: Trying For You From: The Lighthouse (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Offering beautiful musical reference points between Middleneck style ambient jangle and the anxious, dry riffs of Yo La Tengo, this Mexican act offer something truly original for everyone.


Track: Weekend Thieves From: Swedish Punk (album) Label: Rama Lama Records Out: Now
This is the fourth single from a Swedish Punk album that was finally released on 25.03.22. Please, if you never listen to another word I say or album I recommend, go check this one out !


Track: Empty Spaces From: Greenbelt (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Austin, Texas based duo, Zack Foley and Matt Foster, started this Greenbelt act as a lockdown project and it developed into something that is a perfect mix of The Byrds style jangle-pop, college rock and beautifully smooth classic rock.


Track: Cream & Onion From: A Superior Athlete (album) Label: Kanine Records Out: Now
This is the third single from A Superior Athlete album that is due out on 22.04.22 and superbly typifies the aesthetic of this Parisien foursome, with its fusion of The Hold Steady blue collar rock and jangle-pop. This is shaping up to be an immense album.

Split Aura

Track: Give It All Away From: Give It All Away Single (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Philadelphia based act residing somewhere in the musical hinterland between XTC and the wiry jangle-pop of The Cleaner From Venus. One of those acts that simply ooze originality with every release.

Apollo Ghosts

Track: Spilling Yr Guts From: Pink Tiger (album) Label: You’ve Changed Records Out: Now
Jumping everywhere between indie-pop, indie rock and indie-folk, this double album, their first in over decade, shows Vancouver’s Apollo Ghosts, to still be finest proponents of all manner of jangly nuances !

Wash Park

Track: Why Do I From: Why Do I (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Wash Park is the solo recording project of Denver’s Keaton Dean, who mixes a sense of indie cinematic with epic jangly melodies. Feelgood jangle-pop!

Ben Vogel

Track: Silent Supper From: Silent Supper (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Throughout the duration of this track there is an essence of Elvis Costello ripping through a traditional 80s power-pop, that is driven by the most beautiful jangled riffs.

The Great Speckled Fritillary

Track: Silver Rocket From: Her Majesty’s Secret Circus Vol. 1 (album) Label: Self released Out: 21 May 2022
Including one time band members of The Pierce Kingans, this Canadian act takes a similar melodic, lo-fi, wonky-pop stance and adds gregarious of psyche laden pop-rock to the mix.


Track: Kind Time From: Kind Time (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Couchboy is the recording project of Western Massachusetts based, David MacDonald and this single typifies his innate ability to juxtapose the most precious jangle against a 70s psyche core, without ever revealing the seams.


Track: Be That Somone From: Be That Someone (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Smudging the seams between jangle-pop and post-punk and adding an early era New Order essence into the mix that gives glorious 90s style melodies and a haunting ethereal beauty. This is DIIV or RGV in their happier moments driven by the gorgeous riffs of House of Love / Levitation man, Terry Bickers.

Teenage Tom Petties

Track: Boatyard Winch From: Boatyard Winch (single) Label: Repeating Cloud / Safe Suburban Homes Out: Now
Snarling, buzzing and cracking somewhere between The Neutrals and Neds Atomic Dustbin, there is always enough melodic intent in the riffs to inspire interest and always enough aggression  to make this the ‘go to sound’ for pre-Friday night drinks!

The Jerrys

Track: Love Me Now and Leave Me Never From: Love Me Now and Leave Me Never (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
I often have a little gripe at the lack of the new (good) power-pop music coming through from the younger generation and my concerns that the genre may die with the brilliant sounds of middle-aged acts. However, when the music is this good the legacy, if that is what is must be, will be a glorious one !


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