Beat The Delete #0158 (Weekly new music recommendations)



Track: Asterisk From: Asterisk Label: Fire Talk Out: Now
California’s finest jangle-punk(ers), get stuck in, let rip, give it some etc etc, whilst always somehow squeezing jangled melodies out of the mayhem ! Another winner from one of the best new acts around.

Surf Curse

Track: Sugar From: Sugar Label: Atlantic Records Out: Now
One of jangle-rocks finest and most consistent acts around, this Nevada based foursome are back with all that makes them special…surf laden riffs, burdened with perfect angst laden energy.

The Magnetic Library

Track: New Orleans From: A Stupid Smile (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Their Spotify biography merely states that ‘you’ve probably never seen them playing at your local ampitheater’ and their Bandcamp bio opines, “Make music no one listens to”…don’t let this self-deprecation fool you, this is fuzzy, jangly, bedroom-pop at it’s finest.

Daniel Halaby

Track: Melancholy From: Tarot Cards For Broken Hearts (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP release date TBA
Mixture of Jesse D’Kora style commerciality, Charlie Duda surf laden jangle and the slightest whiff of jangle-gaze inspiration. A truly vibrant doSE of sunshine from this Los Angeles based act.

Say Sue Me

Track: Around You From: The Last Thing Left (album) Label: Damnably Out: Album out 13.05.22
Say Sue Me partially discard their grumble surf, to provide us with something of a glorious tribute to South East Asian indie-pop on this flyer single. One of the finest acts of the last few years are releasing another album in mid-May 2022 and it is unthinkable that it could be anything other than totally essential !

Jacob Faurholt

Track: The Stars Are Cold Like Ice From: When the Spiders Crawl (album) Label: Raw Onion Records Out: Album release date TBA
Blissed out Harrison Whitford style sci-fi / spatial production, juxtaposed with jangled guitar pop. This is possibly Faurholt’s most memorable track yet, out of both this project and also under his Crystal Shipsss moniker. Truly beautiful.


Track: Tonight I Will Fall In Love From: Lost Hits (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP release date TBA / June 2022
Melancholy psyche as the ‘gods of maudlin’ decreed it, married to a  lo-fi, bedroom-pop propensity that jangles in all the most precious, downtrodden places.

Baby Combat

Track: Heaven Is an Izakaya From: Heaven Is an Izakaya (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Typically beautiful track from a Portland, Oregon act who creates total ambience out of simple, isolated riffs, subtle fuzz and plaintive vocals. One of my favourite finds of last year, continues to inspire me with everything he releases.

Jesse D’Kora

Track: Don’t Fool With A Phantom From: Don’t Fool With A Phantom (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The best track yet from this Manchester based act?  Surf laden jangled riffs aplenty, mixed with a commerciality that is all manner of the coolest ‘radio vibe’ you have ever heard. Jesse D’Kora has a prolific propensity for absolute earworm !

Ted Tyro

Track: How Can From: How Can (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Clunky, lo-fi jangle, that wraps all nuances of obtuse Oso Oso and Omni vibes through it’s strangely appealing faux melodies. This Louisville based act makes an art out of obtuse.

Life Stuff

Track: Finger Gun From: Finger Gun (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Left field jangle-pop fans are going to love this mix of flat string mixed of Primo! style post-punk modernity and Talking Heads, new wave yesteryear !


Track: Vegas From: MAViDAVILON (EP) Label: Dumont Dumont Out: EP release date TBA
Swedish trio who add sultry Mazzy Starr intropsection to a gloriously jangly dream-pop sound, to provide a swirling sense of beautiful ethereal.


Track: Paper Bag From: Final (EP) Label: Testcard Records Out: EP out 29 April 2022
Sliding through Dinosaur Jr melodic fuzz and the sort of disinterested, ‘made for indie vocals’ of the mid 90s Britpop chantesuses, Hoach5000 are the latest act to roll off Testcard Records ‘brilliant finds’ conveyor belt !

Point No Point

Track: Are You OK From: Museum Der Angst (EP) Label: Spati Palce Out: EP out 29 April 2022
Claiming the strange but beautiful musical hinterland between Titi Woo, Sinead O’Connor’s early 2000s spiritual phase and Lewsberg’s anti melodies, this sound in the perfect blend of left field


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