Album Review – On An Unhistoric Night by Best Bets (2022) (Melted Ice Cream / Meritorio Records)


There is a familiarity to this On An Unhistoric Night album that is bred from a subject matter that dissects the sort of banal, brilliant nonsense, that only a group of close mate hanging out can have and also due to the fact that four singles have been drip fed to us since the brilliant Crystal Mausoleum single in October 2021.
However, perhaps ‘drip’ is the wrong terminology, for this Rangiora based ‘Kiwi supergroup’ consisting of members of Transistors and Salad Boys? For the Best Bets aesthetic is the sound of power-pop being dragged back from regular sojourns into garage rock, to present itself as crashing, ramshackle, melodic mayhem. 
Always just about retaining a power-pop core, there are frequent reference points within the mayhem. At their most ‘professional antipodean’, Olympic Sprinter, The Minor Leagues and Whataworld are everything Dick Diver and Salad Boys, as the rough edges are smoothed just enough to garner a feel of Melbourne (jangle-pop) modernity.
Without such niceties being applied, Wrong Side of The Sun and Age of Nostalgia batter their way along the demi-punk pathways forged by three chord acts like Sham 69 and Ramones, whereas the extra vocal squawk and fractious angularity of the tightly jangled riffs in King Cnut and Looking Back With Mike hint at Bloc Party’s first foray into power-pop.
Mayhem has never been so essential !









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