Beat The Delete #0169 (weekly new music recommendations)


Welcome all and thanks for joining us for the latest Beat The Delete playlist of new music, selected by a JanglePopHub editor who has thankfully recovered from the ravages of “Man-COVID” and is back wielding the rod in JanglePopHub towers…We hope you enjoy the selections !

The Lunar Towers

Track: Happy As Larry From: Happy As Larry (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The jangliest mix of The Undertones and Buzzcocks that you have ever heard. This London based trio take the best of buzzsaw 80s and engulf it in wonderful jangled riffs.

Tashi Delay

Track: Deception From: Deception (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With her mixture of Dry Cleaning style modern post-punk riffs and B-52’s style 80s pop playfulness, this New Orleans based chanteuse is swathed in absolute originality.

Jordan Rowe

Track: Curtain Call From: Glances (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
A glorious concoction of fuzz, reverb and jangle-pop, that gives this New York based artiste all the credentials to be one of the leaders of a modern pop rock movement, that appears to be casting off the shackles of 70s and 80s at last !

Waverly Drive

Track: Darlin From: Darlin (single) Label: Single Out: Now
Waverly Drive is a project fronted by Phil Galloni of Voltiv Sound (Los Angeles, CA) and has that laconic surf-pop allure that is so reminiscent of the Kansas City urban surf-pop scene of acts like Eggs on Mars and Tennis Club.

Free Lunch

Track: Burnt O From: Dumbwaiter (Album) Label: Devil Town Tapes Out: Now
I usually tend to stay well clear of the whole Alex G style of washed out jangle-pop. However, here the sound is mixed with the flat stringed riffs of the Pavement aesthetic and the best of indie folk and is thus perfectly transformed !

Lizard Brain Trust

Track: Beach Day From: Beach Day (single) Label: Dumb Ghost Records Out: Now
This Kansas based foursome are the finest purveyors of a sort of fuzz, lo-fi, that oozes an idefininite jangle that you are never quite certain of the origins of. Think Parker Longbough with an extra sense of slacker, to augment a sound that drips with cool.


Track: Sid From: Sid (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Forgive me ‘ye jangle pop god’s for I have sinned in my love of this ukelele, handclaps and Belle and Sebastian mix. However, I defy anyone to listen this wonderful track just once ! Radi Safi has always done things his own way, but it has never felt quite so good!


Track: Nullify From: Eternal Ring (album) Label: Dangerbird Records Out: Album out 30 Sept 2022
Although this are obviously steeped in all manner of 90s alt.rock infuences, just the sheer beauty of the isolated jangled riffs on this track captivates this old jangle-head ! Check out the b-side, Illuminate, for a similar aesthetic too.

Sun Dawgs

Track: Blissed From: Demo 2022 (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Blissed out, fuzzed up, melodic psyche-rock from a Pittsburgh based trio provide the hazy sunshive vibe to chill and give exactly no f*$ks to !

Strange Pilgrim

Track: More Than I Did From: Happy As Larry (single) Label: Royal Oakie Records Out: Album Out 12 August 2022
Fleetwood Mac inspired sumptuous soft rock augmented by jangled riffs that ooze through every crevice of this beautiful sound. All follow buttons pressed to ensure I grab the entire album when it is released in mid-August.

Daydream Johnny

Track: Children of the Atom From: Children of the Atom (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Daydream Johnny is the solo recording project of Samuel Plumridge, who courses melodic fuzz and hints of jangle through a psyche rock that oozes its own original sense of modernity.

The Half-Brits

Track: Goin’ Nowhere From: Goin’ Nowhere (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Imagine the grumbling, lived in vocals of the Dot Dash vibe, married to everything that was so precious about the Miracle Legion jangle-pop sound of the early 90s and you have stumbled across the glorious musical aesthetic of these Chicago based Brits.

Random Dudes

Track: Art People From: Cheveux Des Riches (album) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
This is the 2nd single to be released from the forthcoming Cheveux Des Riches album one once again shows the brilliance of this Dusseldorf based acts’ juxtaposition of Velvet Undeground lo-fi production and laconic jangle-pop.

Hot Flowers

Track: Kitchen Sessions From: Kitchen Sessions (single) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
For those of you who do not need your jangle-pop wrapped in the finest Byrdsian riffs, this French jangle-punk meets mid 2000s Sonic Youth style act will rock your socks off !


Track: Desert on Keel From: Desert on the Keel (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Psyche rock meets late 80s, Primal Scream melodic style fuzz laden jangle in a sound that draws you in with its trance like propensities. Not strictly jangle, but close enough and good enough to have that overlooked!

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