Album Review – Signal and Noise by Desario (2022) (Sunday Records / Fort Lowell Records)


Although Sacrameto based foursome, Desario, have been releasing music  since 2009, they somehow remain that ‘brilliant band’ that drift under the radars of the majority of the more glossy blogs and zines and seem to thrive upon the essence of being the enigmatic secret of all us micro-blogs that a) really matter and b) do not care about hit stats.
This fourth, Signal and Noise album, could (…and should!) be about to raise their star further into the heavens, as it is undoubtedly their most accomplished release yet and one that seems to reduce the various musical layers, that has always been their trademark, by just enough to enable identification of definitive genres and influences  in an album that is decidedly eclectic.
At it’s most beautiful, Strange Shapes and Eraser juxtapose a very slight fuzz-laden inclination, with a hazy, dreamy jangle that is so reminiscent of Sunday Records labelmates, The Suncharms.
The beauty becomes more muscular and guitar driven in Throw It Back, Wake Up and Wired Wrong. Here the jangly sounds of the early 90s, possibly best compared to current acts like The Shop Window and Lost Ships, are mixed with the sheer guitar lucidity of a yesteryear favourites such as The Milltown Brothers and The Bluetones
Although this album sees Desario offer more ‘pretty’ than ever before, they are still capable and willing to infuse this with their traditionally more gnarled sound, with Lonely Nights and Evergreen being everthing Jetstream Pony and The Wedding Present respectively, whereas lead single Things We Left Behind is heavily reverb soaked, melodic gaze, in the Ride tradition.
Riveting from start to finish, this release could well be the surprise on all the year-end ‘Best Ofs…”. Grab yourself a CD or Vinyl LP here.






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