Album Review – The In-Between Times by Let’s Whisper (Fika Recordings)


It is over 10 years since the’ debut The Shortest Days album by Vermont’s, Let’s Whisper. For this album, the original duo of Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan (The Smittens), have formed something of a supergroup with Brad Searles (Eef, The Four Color Manual) and Emma Kupa (Mammoth Penguins, Standard Fare, The Hayman Kupa Band) forming something of an indie supergroup.
Thankfully the album is every bit as good as it should be with such a line up and drifts through an eclectic mix of twee / jangly indie-pop, that is reminiscent of all that was so important about the genre in the 90s and 2000’s. Initially, the most beautiful tracks are the most sedate. Here, You Are Loved, Sing! and Hey There, cavort the most jangly of twee-pop melodies through the sort of subtle, wistful vocals that Bob Wratten would have been so proud of and an Apple Orchard / The Umbrella Puzzles style laconic twang that pervades all things guitars. ‘Belle and Sebastian in recline mode’ is how my mate describes it and whilst it is not quite spot on, it is good enough for me to plagiarize.
When the tempo increases The Thing That Defines You, Simple Times and I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without You move within the more lucid jangled riffs territories and consumamate cool of Scottish indie-pop acts such as the BMX Bandits, U.S. Highball and Bubblegum Lemonade, whereas an obtuse, but nonetheless beguilaing alt. country vibe augments this foundation in 40 Ways To Love You, Balloon in the Sky and When We We Were Young.
Of course it may be some time (if ever) before we hear this act, with this line up again, as these ‘supergroup’ projects tend to only happen very infrequently, when muso-mates find their diaries strangely aligned. Until then, this superb album is legacy enough.






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