Beat The Delete #0186 (weekly new music recommendations)


Well I am late posting Beat The Delete #0186, not because of my usual spectacular level of rubbishness, but because the South African Government, with their equally spectacular rubbishness, ran out of electricity and could only give us a few daylight hours a day….How cool is that I hear you say, no work…not very cool at all I reply, if you own businesses !!!
Oh well…it’s here now. I hope you find a new favourite or get re-acquanted with an old one.


Track: Christmas Time Goes By From:  Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume I (Various Artists Compilation Album) Label: V4Velindre Out: Now
The only good Christmas song ever is All I Want For Christmas is the Dukla Prague Away Kit by Half Man Half Biscuit.
If anyone is going to prove this statement wrong it will be Kevin McGrath and a) his fundraising efforts with the V4Velindre label and b) the fact he gets artists with the indie cool of Hanemoon (…The Pearlfishers, The Bobbleheads, Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic, Armstrong, The Shop Window, The Photocopies etc etc) and not people in nice jumpers/jerseys and safe haircuts.

Field School

Track: Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By From:  When Summer Comes (Album) Label: Bobo Integral Out: Album out 18.11.22
The third single of jangly indie-pop briliance from this band of Math and Physics Club alumni and their forthcoming album of the year 2022…you heard it here first !?


Track: 100th Meridian From:  All The Way Down (Album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Taking the twang of The Umbrella Puzzles / Pavement vibe and coursing it through the Eels spoken word, this solo project of Brooklyn based, Sam Morgan, is dulcet  beauty personified.

Basin Lot

Track: Liked From:  Off-Hours (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Taking the Weezer, Ween early 2000s, US Bratpop aesthetic and augmenting it with subtle fuzz and the jangle of Big Star, this is the sound of Dinosaur Jr in relax mode.

Beat Radio

Track: Weightless From:  Real Love (album) Label: Totally Real Records Out: Now
Equidistant between flat stringed Yo La Tengo riffs, Hamell on Trial anti-folk and Gorgeous Bully style pop melancholy, this solo project of Bellmore’s, Brian Sendrowitz, inspires with every release.


Track: Magic Eye From:  The Cutting Garden (Album) Label: Kanine Records Out: Now
Teenage Fanclub / Dropkick sweet smoothness with extra fuzz and chime. Another glorious find from the Kanine Records label.

Ways of Seeing

Track: Every Night From:  Every Night (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Taking the earnest jangly dream-pop of a thousand late 80s acts and gradually developing the track into something approaching the most melodic of gaze, this Irish act never let the listener settle for a second.

Jeff Moller

Track: Another Name From:  10th Anniversary Compilation (single) Label: Royal Oakie Records Out: Now
Released as part of the Royal Oakie Records 10 year anniversary, this track see Jeff Moller juxtapose the sparsity of late 80s synthwave/post punk to the most precious of traditional pop sounds. It is a strange, but ultimately bebuiling mixture.


Track: Summerforever From: Summerforever (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
A rare act, in the same vein as Jesse D’Kora, who is able to find the perfect blend between dreamy commerciality and jangle-pop riffs that stay with you long after the song ends.

Frank Munro

Track: One / Two / Three From: One / Two / Three (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Boston based act shines with hazy, sunshine filled lucidity, as he fills every gap between slacker and surf pop with the finest of gregarious, earworm melodies.

Big Cuff

Track: Cryin About Rachel From: Cryin About Rachel (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
A ridiculously cool mix of The Television Personalities and the playfulness of C86 / the recent The Photocopies sound. A single your mouse will naturally gravitate to…

Popular Creeps

Track: Gone By 45 From: Gone by 45 (single) Label: Big Stir Records Out: Now
Classic 80s directed power-pop with a fuzzy modernity that gives it an edge and makes it relevant to todays market. Grumbling, fuzzy, bratty power-pop brilliance.

Herbert Walker

Track: Maximize Pleasure From: How To Enjoy (album) Label: Music Sounds Records Out: Now
A dulcet mix of Elliott Smith melancholy and languid lo-fi psyche-pop, is the modus operandi of this Phoenix, Arizona based act.

Phantom Handshakes

Track: Passport (How Far I Will Be) From: A Passport To Remain (album) Label: Self released Out: Album out 03 Nov 2022
Second single from an A Passport To Remain album is eagerly awaited by all the micro-blogs that matter and is bound to be full of this duo trademark dreamy jangle-gaze beauty.



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