Album Review – Madman in the Rain by Dot Dash (2022) (The Beautiful Music)


Washington DC trio, Dot Dash, continue the long and fruitful relationship with Canada’s The Beautiful Music label, with their eighth, Madman in the Rain album, which knocks on your door like an old friend in town and plonks itself on your sofa for lovingly crafted catch up over a well-chosen beverage
It’s always gloriously comfortable, in the very best sense of the word, with this trio. 90s/early 2000s comfortability to be exact.
At their most energetic, they visit the realms of the melodic pop-punk freneticism of U.S. bratpop acts such as Green Day, Weezer, and Ween in Saints/Pharaohs, Trip Over Clouds, and Wokeupdreaming. Similarly, the energy is high, if somewhat less manic, on Forever Far Out and Airwaves in tracks that provide their signature special blend of jangle rock and power pop.
However, the very best of Madman in the Rain is revealed when the tempo is reduced. Here, Tense & Nervous, the title track, and Lonesome Sound offer languid, Dropkick style power-pop where all smooth edges with tight, slightly tinny jangled riffs that twinkle with beautiful omnipotent lucidity.
Always there for you, Dot Dash continue to be your best musical friend, ever.






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