Beat The Delete #0197 (weekly new music recommendations)

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Thanks very much for joining us for Beat The Delete #0197, a veritable 22 track ‘bumper edition’ of jangly goodness.
Our regular readership will note that we have linked to the reviews of our other favourite blogs where possible in order to give them a shout out for being wonderful and to give you a more in depth synopsis of the music.
We hope you find a new favourite or become re-acquainted with a new one whilst simultaneously finding some new blogs that you can read after your daily fix of JanglePopHub (obviously!).

Surf Friends

Track: Something Real From: Sonic Waves (album) Label: Flying Nun Records Out: Album out 17 March 2023
“’Something Real‘ is essentially a realisation we had about doing “something real”. What we mean is that instead of falling into the traps of TV, social media, phone addiction etc, you should do “something real” with intent — like playing guitar, spending time with kids and listening to music — always keeping your inner kid alive.”…see full review Under The Radar.


Track: Idiot Paradise From: Idiot Paradise Label: Mayway Records Out: 03 mARCH 2023
Taking the more melodic end of the Radiohead aesthetic and creating a similar expansive, developing sense of cinematic, this Belgium foursome have a sound that just engulfs the listener with it’s intensity.


Track: Spiteful From: Spiteful (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Lyrically Spiteful is probably one of the most indulgent songs that I have written. It’s about breaking up with someone who you know will comparatively achieve so much more than you in life and trying to justifying that decision – kinda like explaining why you broke up with your partner to your mum when your mum loved them almost more than you. Essentially it’s a pretty bleak and angst ridden teen breakup song.” – Louis Smith” …see full review at Amnplify

Ducks Ltd

Track: Invitation (feat. Ratboys and Mo Troper) From: Invitation (feat. Ratboys and Mo Troper) (album) Label: Carpark Records Out: Now
Ducks Ltd are back with their first new song of 2023. Ahead of their tour with Archers of Loaf in February, the band has collaborated with power-pop stalwart Mo Troper and RatboysJulia Steiner and a host of Toronto musicians, including Paul Erlichman, Kurt Marble, and Katie Ryan, to tackle The FeeliesInvitation.”
A long-time favorite of the band, the cover was inspired by a Halloween performance in a Feelies cover band by guitarist Evan Lewis and several members of the Ducks Ltd. live band…” – See full review at Circuit Sweet.

Salt Lake Alley

Track: Guess I’ll Never Know From: Guess I’ll Never Know (single) Label: Shelflife Records Out: Now
Throughout “Guess I’ll Never Know” the duo, once again, shines in the artistry of seamlessly crafting seductively wistful jangle-pop-infused nuggets through a dizzy merry-go-round of Kinks-tinged twinkling orchestration and endearing 12-string ringing rapture…” – See full review at White Light-White Heat.

Ok Cool

Track: Normal C From: Normal C (single) Label: Take A Hike Records Out: Now
OK Cool are the Chicago based duo of Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist. The band’s new single, “normal c,” keeps its feet grounded firmly in the world of indie rock, but it’s not quite your standard indie rock song. It’s a little lighter and breezier than typical indie rock. This one is reminding me a lot of a slightly stripped down Weakened Friends, or if Belle & Sebastian decided to rock out harder…see full review at If It’s Too Loud.

Raised On TV

Track: Mr Blue From: Strangers in Pictures (album) Label: Sell The Heart Records Out: Spring 2023
Mr Blue is one of those songs where it’s hard to say exactly what it’s about. It’s part of our fourth full length album Strangers in Pictures due out in Spring of 2023 in collaboration with Sell the Heart Records, and it’s very much in line with what we were going for with this album”…see full review at

Monnone Alone

Track: Ways to Wear My Hair From: Ways to Wear My Hair (single) Label: Lost and Lonesome Out: Now
Mark Monnone’s voice is always a sure-fire winner, so this track really owes its success to the stunning guitar work. I love that it employs a shuffling jangling guitar line to keep the beat of the song, while the lead guitar sort of takes itself for a walk…see full review at Austin Town Hall.

Joe Nacco

Track: Waterfalls and Wonderful From: 1995 (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Melodic power-pop that screams 70s but provides added modernity via the juxtaposition of fuzz-laden production and buzz-saw guitars. A genuine earworm that harks back to the days of stand glorious alone singles.

Tourist Activities

Track: Oh For One From: Wrong Side / Oh For One (single) Label: Den Tapes Out: Now
“Impossible-to-Google Seattle band Tourist Activities released a stellar two-song single on Den Tapes on January 19. It’s bright, explosive pop with Sonic-Youthy fuzzed-out guitars that wrap around your brain like a weighted blanket…”see full review at The Stranger.

Roller Derby

Track: Always on My Mind From: Always on My Mind (EP) Label: Practise Music Out: Now
“Hamburg-based indie trio Roller Derby have shared their third single ‘Always On My Mind’ to complete their debut EP with Practise Music.
The sharp-witted track is compiled in the band’s usual wry style; bold and full to the brim with humorous analogies, heavy guitar lines are littered throughout, backed up by shimmering ‘80s keys…” – Read full review at Yuck Magazine.

The Happy Somethings

Track: Guilty As… From: Guilty As… (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Indie-pop? Twee-pop? Who cares about the exact genre when everything is coursed with the most perfect of languidly jangled riffs.

English Budgies

Track: Heartbreak News From: Heartbreak News (single) Label: Catfish Records Out: Now
Spurious alt. jangle that takes the slightest of fuzz-pop inflections and twists it around the beautiful interplay between male / female vocals and subtle harmonies. Undoubtedly the Utah foursomes best track yet.

The Angles

Track: Go! From: The Angles (album) Label: Baby Blue Records Out: Now
Wistful, muted melancolia that soars to the heavens on fluffy, jangly notes. I am truly looking forward to the release of this album.


Track: Telephone From: The Wireless Revolution (album) Label: Sound Asleep Records / Rock Indiana Records / Hurrah Musica Out: Album 28 April 2023
Spanish/Scottish duo, Dropkick continue their beautiful and prolific output with this initial single from a The Wireless Revolution album that will undoubtedly captivate the jangle-pop world when it is released in April 2023.

Bone Apple Tea

Track: Baby Carrots From: Bone Apple Tea (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Paul McCartney style Brit psyche-pop mixed with the finest of 70s classic pop-rock sensibilities and a languid sense of chill makes this debut album by Bone Apple Tea sun soaked bliss.

Whitney’s Playland

Track: Sunset Sea Breeze From: Sunset Sea Breeze (album) Label: Meritorio Records / Paisley Shirt Records Out: Album out 17 March 2023
“With nods to Yo La Tengo, Damon & Naomi, The Sundays, and American Analog Set, more often than not the band is found lounged in the shade, letting the rest of the indie set push their pulses to palpitate…” – See Raven Sings The Blues for the full review.


Track: Early Reflections From: Early Reflections (single) Label: Fire Talk Out: Now
“I’ve come to realize that I’ve always been a bit of a pop fan, and as much as I’ve tried to deny that, it’s always come back to the fact that I can’t steer clear of hooks. That said, I’ve grown to love searching for those hooks in distorted realms, built on textured guitars and heavy atmospherics, much like the world Hydrodate have crafted on their latest single”…See full review at Austin Town HallThere is also a great interview here via the Fire Talk site.

Easy Sleeper

Track: Going Down From: Going Down / Cold End (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Driving indie-rock infused with jangled riffs and melodic fuzz-pop that compels from start to finish. Also very worth checking out the Cold End b-side that is just as good.

Pablo Moondog

Track: Peppermint Lane From: Peppermint Lane (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Beautifully blissed out, The Beatles’ style psyche-pop is coursed with a modern-day chillwave essence that seems to augment the whole aesthetic with a languid luxury.

The Plus 4

Track: You Look Right Through Me From: You Look Right Through Me (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Beatles-style washed out psyche-pop married to The Left Banke sense of lucid jangled riffs. For those of you who feel that music stopped in the 60s, this band may well be your new darling !

The High Water Marks

Track: Trouble From The East From: Your Next Wolf (single) Label: Minty Fresh Out: 09 June 2023
“Trouble from the East”, a rocker of sustainable emotional malleability, using blissed-out guitar riffs and pop-centric harmonies to examine the impact of war and nuclear annihilation. Calling Norway home, the band knows firsthand about the perceived threat of violence from just across geographical lines. This song examines the way in which they approach this doom and how best to combat the degradation of their collective mental health as a result…see full review at Beats Per Minute.


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