Beat The Delete #0206 (new music recommendation


Many thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0206 featuring 18 tracks / acts that have defeated the internal and often infernal wrath of the JanglePopHub delete button with their submissions over the last couple of weeks…as always we hope you find a new favourite or become re-acquainted with an old one.

Alpine Subs

Track: Life At Home From: Life At Home (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Long time friends of the blog (the band has been on our Subjangle roster since 2019) return with their beautiful blend of jangle-pop, 60s retro and melodic beauty.


Track: To Be Wanted From: To Be Wanted (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo project of Livemore, California’s Lewis Laird will appeal to those who prefer their sunshine delivered in fuzz laden, subtle Surf Curse-style surf rock.

Boy With Drill

Track: Small Town Troubles From: Small Town Troubles (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Introducing “Small Town Troubles”, the latest release from Boy With Drill – the talented producer duo of Dominic Johnson and Josh Wilde who have been catching the attention of fans and air conditioning systems alike.
In this new track, Boy With Drill takes listeners on a journey to a small village where quirky characters abound, but hopelessness seems to prevail. With witty lyrics and a catchy melody, “Small Town Troubles” paints a vivid picture of the daily struggles and triumphs of the villagers.
From Charlie, who works in a French cafe and never learns his lines for the amateur drama group he’s in, to Rosie who works at the bakery but tries to eat gluten-free, to Leonard, the overly optimistic therapist-in-training, each character is portrayed with humour and empathy. Boy With Drill’s unique production style combines elements of indie pop and alternative rock to create a sound that is both playful and poignant…from the promo submission


Track: Oh Axel, you are the Super Bowl of Self-Abuse From: Songs For Pessimists (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Twisting Yo La Tengo fractious jangled riffs through early 2000s post-grunge alt rock, this London based threesome add some always needed grunt to the jangle landscape.

Deep Dyed

Track: Dracula Force From: Unmade Beds (album) Label: La Pochette Records Out: 26 May 2026
The setting: Hamburg, Germany. The music: psychedelic, melancholic jangle pop. The band: Deep Dyed, whose brand new single “Dracula Force” has just been unleashed to the world.
Embarking on a charming six-minute escapade to a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine intricately, we are treated to the glimmering strumming reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian, the raw energy of 60s garage music akin to a Nuggets anthology, and touches of late 80s college rock echoing the spirit of Camper Van Beethoven, Man Or Astro-Man? …Read full review at here

Far Caspian

Track: Own From: The Last Remaining Light (album) Label: Tiny Library Records Out: Album out 14 July 2023
Far Caspian has released a new single and video, ‘Own’.
It’s a cut from his upcoming album ‘The Last Remaining Light’, which is set for release on 14th July and sees him heading off on a UK tour this September.
“I wrote Own about a friend who had moved away after we lived together for 4 years,” he explains. “I had also moved out and I wanted to write a song about that whole situation that is usually inevitable with friends…see full review at Dork here.

Tide Rider

Track: The Best Night of The Year From: The Best Night of The Year (single) Label: Self release Out: Now
Bedroom pop track about being way too nervous to ask someone out at a high school dance.. something I unfortunately drew inspiration from real-life events. It’s a hazy, happy tune akin to Sadie Hawkins Dance (if you are over 30 lol)…from the promo submission

Post Game Press

Track: LAX From: LAX (single) Label: Self release Out: Now
Tight, anxious twanging riffs juxtaposed against a washed out, more muscular   Alex G vibe makes this a sound that will appeal to fans of post punk modernity and jangly indie-pop alike. The first music from this Brooklyn based foursome since September 2020 is well worth the wait.

Doug Tuttle

Track: Planting Weeds From: Keeping Alive (album) Label: Echodelick Records Out: Now
Seems like Doug Tuttle is always low key slipping out some singles and EPs these days and its always worth keeping an eye on his Bandcamp. The latest is a double shot of melancholy charms “Planting Weeds/Parting Gifts.” The a-side is keeps the insistent snap of his Pinecone EP, but adds a bit of burn fuzz. The strums and drums lock into head-nod bliss while Tuttle laments stagnation before the charcoal fizz of guitars comes to smoke out the stasis…see full review at Raven Sings The Blues here.


Track: Garden of Eden From: Garden of Eden (album) Label: Sound of Cologne Out: Album release TBA
German duo Kitsches second single from their upcoming album ‘brew’ titled ‘garden of eden’ is a seamless continuation of the first single’s story (‘attic’, released last december). Sonically, the band leans heavily into their new country-esque inspiration, following bands like Pinegrove and Dolly Partons sugary sweetness: through spherical vocals and twangy guitars, ‘garden of eden’ guides listeners to a sunny backyard in the American south.
Lyrically, the song discusses how guilt and shame will take root in your garden even if you try to weed them out. ‘garden of eden’ will be released with a music video on may 12.“…see full review at Start Track here.


Track: I Wish From: I Wish (single) Label: Turn To Wind Out: Now
Dreamy indie-pop act Dayaway drops “i wish,” a heavenly blend of beachy new wave and hazy dream pop diving into pining for a love you couldn’t have. Led by hazy guitars, dusty drums, and wavy, psychedelic synths, the lush production arrives with an easy-going, summery shimmer that hides away playfulness, ferocity and vulnerability in its folds…see full review at Earmilk here.

Al Costelloe

Track: So Neurotic From: So Neurotic (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Produced by Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Yard Act, Perfume Genius)‘So Neurotic’ sways blissfully between jangly indie-pop and self-aware art-pop. A “tongue in cheek ode to anxiety” – as Costelloe describes herself, the track addresses her and her family’s tendencies towards overthinking with a welcoming degree of levity and humour, notably its rapturous chorus “mama’s got it / sister’s got it / grandma’s got it…so neurotic”…read full review at She Makes Music here.

Adam Camm

Track: Guardian Angel From: Mirror, Mirror (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
“I’m not trying to convey a message in my songs. They’re reflections of characters, stories or myself at a particular moment in time. Maybe the listener will identify with some of those reflections but the most important thing to me is that they simply enjoy the music.
I think sometimes in life people can get carried away with thinking that something must mean something when really, it can just be a little story, set to music for others to enjoy and take from it what they want.”…see full review at Cooltop20 here.


Track: I’m Never Gonna Feel The Same  From: Missilkid (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Standing firmly planted outside of time and space, with roots pulling across decades and genres, missilkid creates a synthesis of rock, psychedelic, new wave, progressive, soul, and power pop that is altogether vividly colorful and mildly entertaining.
Rising from the ashes of Nashville’s alumni, aristocrats, and absinthe-dreamers, missilkid has evolved to feature the soulfully cerebral solo stylings of a reformed pianist, as well as a rotating cast of characters, all of whom preferred to remain anonymous…From the promo submission.

Safe Houses

Track: Someday is Starting Now From: Someday Is Starting Now​/​I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
…the songs are a “one-two powerpop punch, where the sting of unemployment, loneliness, and depression is swabbed with a salve of self-effacement, gallows humor and, ultimately, hope.
They’re fitting salvos, following the rocky re-opening of NYC nightlife, a reboot of the band’s lineup, a legally mandated band name change (long story), and a series of sweaty gigs. Safe Houses are still standing. If you are too, let’s party.”…Read the full review at Full Time Aesthetic here.

The Revelator

Track: Dark Eyes From: Removing a Heart is More Art than Science (album) Label: Self released Out: Album out 02 June 2023
Dark Eyes is a jangling, 60s rocker mixing 12-string textures of The Byrds with a grooving, garage rock beat. The Revelator walks a tonal high wire, dazzling with uptempo, catchy guitar lines that make lyrics with a dark undertone go down easily.
Listeners are thrust into the heat of that moment after a breakup when you feel ready to move on, but everything you say proves that you aren’t. The song wears its psychedelically tinged palette lusciously, as fuzzed out guitars meet vocals coated in reverb, forming a sound that matches the intoxicating elation of a heart hungry for love…From the promo submission

Girl Time

Track: Safe From: Safe (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Safe” came about during a time in my life when so many things were going right, yet there was an underlying darkness that continued to rear its head in various forms. It is written from the perspective of someone who feels overwhelmed by the decisions they need to make in order to break a harmful cycle….from the promo submission

Alex Gardner

Track: Captain From: Highly Attainable Dreams (Albums) Label: Self released Out: Now
Alex Gardner is a songwriter and guitarist living in Los Angeles. Starting in 2007, he has self-released a string of albums, and been involved in music scenes in Seattle and Los Angeles. His songs are drawn from divergent sources, taking inspiration from fairy tales, experimental poetry, the Anthology of American folk music, rockabilly and bluegrass.
Though previous releases have orbited closer to the outsider folk of Josephine Foster and Michael Hurley, Gardner pays tribute to distorted guitar amps and echoey, lo-fi indie music on his latest album, titled Highly Attainable Dreams….from the promo submission.


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