Single Premiere: Respond to Love by Girlatones (2020) (Meritorio Records / Lost and Lonesome Recording Co)

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Melbourne based supergroup the Girlatones (formed with band members from Pop Singles, T.V. and The Stevens) have been withholding new music for approximately 11 years since their brilliant, debut Fitting In Well album. Of course that is not true and it is only a tad over 2 years, but with some bands any absence is felt more keenly and you  ‘really’ notice they have not been around for a while.

Fear not though, for they they are back with the second single from their forthcoming Horn if You’re Honky (album due for release on on 20.03.20) which Janglepophub are proud to premiere, prior to the Valentine Day official release.

Nothing much has changed with Respond To Love (see below) and nor should it ! Decked with jangly guitars that add delicious contrast to the ever present, yet always partially unrealised threat of ‘actual’ garage pop, the Girlatones add coastal deadpan vocals to an overall laconic surf essence.  It is an aesthetic that ensures their place among Melbourne’s alt.jangle chic and hints at ‘top-dog’ potential !?

Only about 6 weeks now until the album’s release…it will feel much longer though!

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  1. This song is such a breath of fresh air! There’s something so pleasantly nostalgic about the joyful guitar riffs and the light-hearted lyrics, kind of like 70s pop music. Really happy I found this gem! ❤️❤️❤️


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