Beat The Delete #0042 (weekly new music recommendations)



Hello all – thanks to all who submitted music this week or released new stuff. My favourites are below…please remember to support your favourite indie acts in anyway possible. A few (or bag laods) of shekels here and a huge amounts of social media love there, helps to keep them around for much longer.



Track: Petty Crime From: Either Light (album) Label:  Gawk Records Out: Album out 13 March 2020

‘Petty Crime’ is the second flyer single from the forthcoming ‘Either Light’ album and jangles with their trademark hyperkinetic unease and dynamism.

Vundabar always remain firmly on the move in their releases and if this track is anything to go by it is going to be well worth riding with this Boston based duo on their next album.



The Black Watch

Track: Brilliant Failures From: Brilliant Failures (album) Label:  A Turntable Friend Records Out: Album release date TBA

John Andrew Frederick are back with the title track to their forthcoming 18th album, providing yet another  wonderful The Soft Boys-esque slice of slightly fuzzed up indie-pop extolling the virtues of learning from life’s failures.



The Great Divides

Track: Face The World From: Face The World, Again (album) Label:  Spoilsport Records Out: Album release date 21.02.20

The Goon Sax’ dulcet, dulled down tones, the spoken word ultimate cool of Lewsberg…this Castlemaine duo are my most anticipated release for Feb 2020 so far.




Track: Above The Clouds From: Margotzeko (EP) Label:  Full Time Hobby Out: Now

London based 5-some Margot, imbue all manner of cinematic jangled riffs into the sort of dreamy, crystalline aesthetic that made much of late 80’s post-punk so appealing.




Track: Boo From: Boo (album) Label:  Osborne Again Out: Now

This Melbourne 4some are like finding peanuts in your Aero chocolate bar. Fluffy, light and winsome like your most essential Sarah Records act, whilst permanently having the ability to surprise with just that little bit extra bounce and subtle muscle.




Track: Above The Clouds From: Certified Organic (EP) Label:  Six Tonnes De Chair and Third Eye Stimuli Records Out: Now

Sunfruits are a Melbourne based 5 piece that play the sort of sun dappled leftfield psych that gets under your skin in all the very best of jangled ways. Another fine split release by these labels.



The Early Mornings

Track: Artificial Flavour From: Artificial Flavour (single) Label:  Safe Suburban Home Records Out: Now

Taut, fractious, post-punk that is built around the already crumbling edifice of a garish isolated riff. It sounds like it should all fall part, but somehow the fact it never quite implodes is the main attraction…a truly memorable track from the latest Manchester act to insist upon originality.



The Lonesome Wilderness

Track: Webs From: Awake in the Night (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

This act provide the sort of hazy, psych / urban surf rock that evokes images of everything overtly arid. It’s the melodies of the 60’s played through the sort bellowing smoke that adds the best of anti-everything atmospheres.



Alastair Leonard

Track: Alice, I Remember From: Alice, I Remember (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Sydney based solo artist Alastair Leonard, is the sound of The Field Mice in happier times, dripped through a secondary filter provided courtesy of the Australian sunshine. A truly beautiful debut of fluttering indie pop.



Track: Safe and Sound From: New Shanghai Night (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Dreamy indie-pop that gravitates with a natural ease to the sweeter side of fuzz laden guitar-pop, culminating in the creation of perfect pop melodies that ooze sunny radiance.



Trevor Phillip Rowe

Track: Win or Lose From: Win or Lose (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Beautiful, slow burning indie-pop jangle, sounding like a mix between the most melancholy moments of the Tennis Club back catalogue with everything beautiful shoegaze has to offer…an amazing debut single.



Track: She From: She (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

The debut single from this Swedish four piece jangles with the slightly brooding dark intensities of their compatriots, Makthaverskan…their is no higher praise for this extremely promising act.



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