Beat The Delete #0043 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks to everyome for checking out this weeks new music recommendations and to all acts, whether they were included or not, who submitted music to JPH this week….These are a few of my favouries.

Please remember that your financial and social media support for your favourite indie acts helps to keep them around for that much longer !



Track: Phone It In From: Jellycopter (album) Label:  Prank Monkey Records Out: Now

Buddy Holly vocals filtered through surf rock melodies and the guitar constant guitar thrum of The Woodentops on a fuzz pop binge…it’s just an entire album of sheer fun and dynamism.



Honey Lung

Track: Be My Friend From: Be My Friend (single) Label:  Big Scary Monsters Out: Now

Fuzzy, scuzzy, bombastic pop is the order of the day from this London based four-pieces 1st release under Big Scary Monsters. Like early Dinosaur Jr with deliverately less amps!



Downtown Market

Track: I Don’t Care From: I Don’t Care (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Coursing The Lousy Pop Group’s sweet jangly indie sensibilities through Grrl Gang style guitar showmanship, Japan’s Downtown Market deserve their place among the current crop of South East Asia’s indie-pop luminaries.



Sonic Blume

Track: Raincoat From: Raincoat (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Mixing the very prettiest parts of the My Bloody Valentine aesthetic to the modern day slightly dreamy/fuzzy jangle of Massage / Craft Spells, this New Jersey based 4-piece create the sort of cinematic swirling beauty that is reminiscent of the late 80’s dream-pop era.



Violet Lens

Track: Greetings From The North From: Greetings From The North (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

5 piece collective with band members from Colarado and Taipei that juxtapose the Western and Eastern jangly indie-pop vibe to produce a Starry Eyed Cadet aesthetic.




Track: The Dreaming Days Are Over From: The Dreaming Days Are Over (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Chilton meets Nap Eyes. Subtle intensely jangled guitar pop from Hartlepool based Andrew Smith and his (now) band that meets every coveivable criteria of anyone’s beautiful.



Walter Etc

Track: Punk With An Ex From: Dark Comedy Performance Piece of my Life (album) Label:  Making New Enemies Out: Album Out 27 March 2020

Spoken word Lewsberg style vocal deliveriy that touch upon existentialist levels of ‘voices in my head’ intrusion. In contrast the brilliant mania is always kept grounded by subtle, dulcet jangled riffs. A truly great track.



Bad Tide

Track: Ew, That’s Not Even My Cat, Bro​!​?  From: Ew, That’s Not Even My Cat, Bro​!​? (album) Label:  Making New Enemies Out: Album Out 27 March 2020

Beacon (New York) based three piece, releasing the best ear-worm of 2020 so far…it’s the sort of chunky jangle that Pavement may have explored if they suddenly sarted loving melody and playful Surf Rock. For a debut this is truly immense! 




Track: Saying Forever  From: Saying Forever (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

This latest track from the Leeds based sextet starts off with a funk laden groove which gradually (and gloriously) implodes into the sort of anxious chopped out riffs of Wire and Devo.



Royal Target

Track: Leave Her  From: Leave Her (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Munich’s answer to the jangly indie pop meets gaze stylistics of The Memory Fades, from an artist who always courses his very soul through the intensity of his lyrics.



Tidal Rave

Track: FOMO From: Heart Screams (album) Label:  Fishrider Records Out: Album out 28 Feb 2020

Multiple guitars give this a distinct Oceanic feel…the fact that they churn and jangle amid a general sense of foreboding, just makes things more alluring. It’s post-punk like the 80’s had never got involved and invented it.



The Malibu Beachband

Track: Greetings From The North From: Greetings From The North (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Danish (Copenhagen) based collective led by Thomas Raae, who provide swirling cinematic soundcapes laced with chiming jangled guitar inflections. It is is hard to infuse the jangly sound into genuine beauty, however this act manage it with consumate ease.


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