Album Review – Hyacinth by Spinning Coin (2020) (Domino Recording Co)

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Hyacinth is the perfect compliment to Spinning Coin‘s 2017, Permo debut. Simultaneously recognizable with all that has gone before, but infinitely more grandiose, this sophomore welcomes adjustments to the core aesthetic, rather than unnecessary absolute changes to their brilliance of yesteryear.

Just like the debut, the sound continues to be segregated into two, not always so easily defined categories, upon which the ‘adjustments’ shine. Initially (and thankfully) the unsterile, besmirched, jangly indie-pop still resounds with typically muted melancholy.

However, tracks such  as Avenue of Spring, The Long Heights, Black Cat, Soul Trader and the imperious Laughing Ways (see below) now see a production that resonates every jangled/chiming guitar note in much the same way as the notes within Pale Lights tracks stay around for that little bit passed their natural tenure. It’s just a whole bigger sense of ‘jangly glorious’!

This extra sense of grandiose is also applicable to their ‘other sound’. Here tracks such as Get High, Ghosting, Never Enough and the superlative Feel You More Than The World Right Now (see below), surround Sean Armstrong‘s warbled vocals, in stuttering guitar riffs and a new found sense of British Sea Power ‘anthemic’ and production distance. Essentially it is just a stronger more unforgiving sound compared to the debut and adds a bit of snipe to the previously mentioned sweet melancholy.

Thankfully Spinning Coin are back and bigger / better than ever before!

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