EP Review – Crying Everyone Else’s Tears by Lake Ruth (2020) (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, outdoor

More than ever the Crying Everyone Else’s Tears summons the feel of Lake Ruth as the quintessiential European 60’s ideal chic.

Not inasmuch that they sound like some sort of awful pastiche of everything stereotypically Austin Powers, but more specifically in the way that this could be the soundtrack to everyone of those twee 60’s video’s that feature as impossibly thin and pale girl, in a floral summer dress, frolicking with herself on a windswept beach somewhere. You know the ones.

Esssentially, this EP is the beautiful sound of psych inflected chamber pop, that presents a twee juxtaposition of sounds that take the laconic vocals of The Soundcarriers, then presses the tentative-funk button, before reigning everything in as the bad remind themselves of their historical dream-pop responsibilities.

This is not an EP where you will assign instant ‘bangers’ to one of your 1000 playlists, but it is one that you will keep returning to repeatedly for accompaniment in your moments where only beguiling cool will suffice.

Artist Links:  Lake Ruth  Facebook

Label Links:  SoundCloud Facebook



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