Album Review – Lightning Slow by Don’t (2020)(Dreamy Life Records)


This debut album from the succinctly named, Detroit based four piece, Don’t, is an album that works because of it’s contrasts, rather than despite them.

Taking front-woman’s Francis Ma’s sweet, semi disinterested,  Grrrl Gang / Lucie Too style vocals to create the very slightest of dreamy illusions, their sound will appeal to those who like ‘their indie’ served with daintiest of grumbling attitude.

Ma’s lead is contested with contrasting layers of fuzz, that partially obscure, but never dominate the superb jangled riffs and slacked stringed bass rhythms that hint at the juxtaposition of Dunedin yesterdyear and today’s swirling Deadbeat Beat / Beeef  / Bitchseat style dynamism. The whole sounds comes together to conjure up an aesthetic that would sit comfortably with any number of pre 2000’s Elefant 6 acts.

This is 8 tracks of jangly pop-punk energy, from a band plainly destined for greater things. The Bandcamp follow button is firmly pressed on this one to ensure that I am there with them!

Artist Links: Twitter  Facebook

Label Links: Twitter  Facebook  dreamyliferecords.comBandcamp


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