EP Review – Blurring by Mo Dotti (2020) (Smoking Room)

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You need to let the aural experience of Mo Dotti be assimilated over repeated listens. Without this investment, it could be easy to dismiss them as the sort of shoegaze that is the bastion of floppy fringed, late 20 somethings, who generally earn a fortune working in IT attached to perma-headsets.

However, tracks such as Glow In The Dark, Inverted Skies (see below) and I Go are simply too ‘massive’ for that. Not massive in the ‘wall of sound manner’ that often accompanies gaze, but more specifically in the way ithese tracks simultaneously consume the most beautiful of late 80’s dream-pop, the luscious swirls of The Sundays style indie pop and the lush modern jangle-gaze inflections of  acts like The Lumembourg Signal and The BV’s. It’s a huge melting pot of glorious sound, that never makes you work quite as hard to unearth the beauty, compared to traditional shoegaze.

Of course the ‘IT crowd’ will find solace in meatier gaze tracks such as Gravity Well and the decidedly epic Waiting For You (see below). However, even these tracks manage to allow disengaged melodies to percolate out of the layers of guitars and echoed soundscapes. It’s the subtle melodious shoegaze of Luna / Lush as opposed to the sheer bravado and glare of the My Bloody Valentine experience.

Jangle-gaze as a sub-genre of jangle-pop, has grown in momentum over the last couple of years and acts like this LA based foursome, will only serve to increase it’s importance and eventual emphasis.

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