EP Review – Amplifier by The Spires (2020) (Self released)


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The Spires are one of those rare acts that can appeal to traditionalists (I stop short of calling them ‘oldies’, as I am firmly in that bracket now!) and those craving an essence of modernity.

Essentially, this EP thrives on two mutations of subtle fuzz-pop. Initially Amplifier, I Know Less Than I Did At The Start (see below) and to a certain extent the outlier, Totem Pole, provide a 60/70’s power-pop foundation that could be any number of Big Stir label style acts.

This sound is then infused with the modern fuzz-pop stylistics of acts like Trying and Hanemoon. It’s the subtle persusasion from both musical angles, rather than allowing one to dominate, that allows a natural sense of melody to radiate.

A subtle shift, takes this release into even more lofty echelons. Here My Last Cigarette (see below) and Dustbowl Boogalou take the sophistI/guitar pop sounds of early 80’s Liverpool based acts such as The Wild Swans, Candy Opera and The Pale Fountains as the second ingredient to their subtle fuzz underlay. These are two truly beautiful tracks, that would impart a sense of special on any release.

I hate the term ‘criminally underrated’ because it is not a crime to underrate something, but…

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