EP Review – Crocuses by Sea Pinks (2020) (Self released)

Celebrating 10 years since the Bandcamp upload of their debut ‘Knotweed’ single, Northern Ireland’s Sea Pinks, have released this gloriously perfect, tiny collection of massive songs.

Beginning with the very un-Sea Pinks like Crocuses (see below) the band tap into their inner Come On Feel The Lemonheads, Evan Dando sound and thrive upon a mid 90’s laconic guitar strum that drifts melodically around the premise of glorious slacker-pop. It’s not really them, but it is really great.

They then return to what they excel at in the remaining three tracks. Running Down The Clock and What Just Happened (see below), tease atmospheres out of their signature chiming jangled riffs, whereas the insistent thrum and layered guitars of Secret Garden, provide those  jangle-rock moments that hint at muscularity of the Magic Bullets / Terry Malts aesthetic.

Four great tracks, mainly recorded live and in one take. It’s just exudes that feeling, that all the best EP’s provide, of being something of an ‘interim gift’ to their fanbase.

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