EP Review – Come Along With Me by The Smashing Times (2019) (Painter Man Records)

Much to my chagrin, somehow I missed this debut EP by Baltimore’s The Smashing Times upon release at the back end of 2019. This is unusual for me as usually I am all over anything strange and equally as consumed by all that is jangly. This, undoubtedly, has both feet firmly planted in both camps.
Specifically inviting the listener to take a trip with them on a journey to juxtapose all that was jangly left field about the Television Personalities, with  Daniel Johnston’s melodic contrivances and the sort of roughshod, C86, deadpan vocals of Steven Pastel, The Smashing Times will appeal to all those that recognized the brilliance of certain late 80’s anglo obscurities, before it became trendy to do so.
Along with with The Slow Painters, this is one of the few modern acts to get the brilliant absurdities of this type of yesteryear so bizarrely right and every follow button I can find has been pressed to ensure I do not miss out on any future essential weirdness for so long, upon their next release.
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