Album Review – The Slow Painters by The Slow Painters (2020) (Keepsecretrecords)


16 years afters after forming in Oslo, The Slow Painters have finally released their debut album after various ‘in the know’ micro-blogs went bon bon ballistic over the three singles from the album which accentuated the fact that essentially (and crucially) they are great for fans who can stomach their jangle to the very left of left field jangle.
The brilliance of opening track Egon accompanied by What I Miss Most and Parklights illuminate this act at their very best. All drunk Kelly Jones / Stereophonics vocals stumbling throughout hazy fuzz-gaze inflections. This foundation is juxtaposed against intermittent jangly riffs, that have the ability to stun for the thethered moments they are allowed to shine and occasionally revel in the sense of skew, that is Television Personalities in all of it’s many quirks.
The Byrds, this is not, so look away now if something from the 60’s with a nice haircut  is what you tend to need in your music. However if you need/seek noisy alt.jangle, then you will not only find it here, but you will struggle not to completely revel in a band who have not only finally arrived, but have done so in a manner that simply resonates with a Husker Du ‘madders than a box of frogs’ aesthetic…truly brilliant for those, even remotely, ‘that’ way inclined.
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