EP Review – Surf N’ Turf By Gushh (2020) (self released)

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Bristol has always been something of a hotbed for alternative left field jangle, with acts like The Groove Farm, The Flatmates, The Blue Aeroplanes, The Brilliant Corners from the 80/90’s and the modern Raving Pop Blast! Recordings roster, insisting on imbuing  cornucopean divergence into our favourite guitar sound.
Gushh carries forward this Bristol baton. Juxtaposing all manner of modern loops and vintage samples to vibrant jangle, the opening two track salvo of Dogtown and Endless Wave move melancholic beauty in and around late 80’s, Paul Hardcastle style post-punk and modern day jangle-gaze.
The final three tracks take an unusual nuance shift. The samples are now delivered by ‘those’ 1950’S posh fella voices’ that the BBC used to use on every single show, before it became acceptable to start considering, that perhaps, just maybe, somewhere in Britain, there may be a certain type that did not speak completely like Sir Winston Churchill.
The salacious use of this ‘posh’ adds a sense of delicious antiquiated twee to a contrasting chiming electro vibe that reaks of modernity. Strangely enough it is this sense of totally disparate that augments a general aesthetic that keeps the listener fully engaged throughout.
Perfectly obtuse. Perfectly beautiful. The perfect combination.




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