Beat The Delete #0075 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for the 75th edition of Beat The Delete. I feel strangely compelled to do some sort of giveaway to mark the occasion. However, ultimately, I have decided not to do this and it will ruin the surprise about the 100th edition giveaway that I will also not being doing as I am just way too tight.
What I will give you is 16 new tracks from predominantly new (newish) bands, who I feel deserve to have a some of your hard earned shekels and/or social media love thrown their way.
Hope to see ya next week…


The Masterminds 

Track:  Let Us Be Lovers From:  Let Us Be Lovers (single)  Label:  Aquamarine  Out:  Now
Imagine the 50’s pop melodies of Buddy Holly and then infuse it with the cool perfections of the early 2000’s indie-pop scene that Darren Hayman dominated and you have stumbled accross the brilliant originality and beautiful simplicity, of this New Jersey based act.



Track:  WCSX Man From:  Detroit, Miichigan USA (EP)  Label:  Self Released  Out:  Now
The sparse, mutated jangly riffs of Yo La Tengo, Wire, Lewsberg, Primo! type acts is the foundation for this act, who then imbue everything with their own sense of blue collar downtrodden. It’s like America’s perfect version of Melbourne’s dominating dolewave scene.


Hunter Mile and The French Press

Track:  I Want to go Running From:  Album of the Weak (album)  Label:  Manton Productions  Out:  Now
The jangliest, most slacker, Adam Green meets Edward Sharpe aesthetic you could ever wish to feast your ears upon. Another wonderfully cool Melbourne based act.


Music For Dead Birds

Track:  Summer in Suburbia From:  Summer in Suburbia / United (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Coursing No Museums low key melodies through all manner of Pavement style dulcet riffs, this Irish based duo of Jimmy Monaghan and Dónal Walsh are releasing some ‘seriously cool’ bedroom-pop from the Emerald Isle.


New Dad

Track:  Blue From:  Blue (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
With a similar gorgeous chiming jangle as Community Swimming Pool, Ireland’s New Dad creates extra beauty with subtle introspective vocals that are as dreamy as they are radio. This is one of those acts that is capable of increasing the mass appeal of the jangly guitar sound.


Ailbhe Reddy

Track:  Looking Happy From:  Personal.History (album)  Label:  Friends of the Family  Out:  Album out 02.10.20
If Irish acts are tending to dominate this weeks Beat The Delete, then Dublin’s Ailbhe Reddy could well be their natural leader. Coursing the janglient of alt.folk inflections through a sound that always has one eye on the mainstream, this act has planted her flag firmly in earworm central.


Ural Mountains

Track:  Kamikaze From:  Synthetic Lights (album)  Label:  Self Released  Out:  Album out October 2020
Cinematic post-punk ambience laced with the sort of chiming jangled riffs that has kept the The Church so pertinent all these years. A real sense of epic is imbued by this Buenos Aries based solo project.


Bee Bee Sea

Track:  Day Ripper From:  Day Ripper (album)  Label:  Wild Honey Records  Out:  Album out 09.10.20.
Fuzzy garage/psyche rock, surf rock and the anxious metallic riffs of a Wire type act. Perfect for left field jangle addicts from this Italian threesome.


Wings of Desire

Track:  001 From:  001 (single)  Label:  WMD Recordings  Out:  Now
Post-punk laden gaze that rapidly develops into perfect fuzz grumblings. Always with one eye on allowing a melody to sift through, this London based duo could well appeal to fans of all manner of genres.


European Sun

Track:  Favourite Day From:  European Sun (album)  Label:  Where It’s At Is Where You Are Out:  Now
Steve Miles teams up with the long standing Amelia Fletcher / Rob Pursey partnership, to provide us with typically perfect 80/90’s jangly indie-pop, that thrives on the sheer unalduterated coolness of it’s simplicity.


The Omnis Collective

Track:  Sunshine From:  Sunshine (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The Arctic Monkeys Mardy Bum for the jangle inflected bedroom pop generation…a totally vibrant summer tune from this Manchester based duo.



Track:  Light From:  Middleneck (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Subtle electronic foundations with omnipotent, isolated jangled riffs, creating an alluring, if strangely melancholy beauty. A wonderful track from a stunning instrumental album.


Sleep Powder

Track:  Always Always From:  Always Always (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Wow…just wow! Absolutely stunning chiming jangle, that muses gently between Portishead style trip hop and the best of jangly dream pop. I am not sure when this band are releasing more, but every follow button I can find is firmly clicked for the eventuality.


Violet Aurora

Track:  Somewhere Brighter From:  Somehwere Brighter (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Juxtaposing the typical fragile jangly indie-pop of the Phillipines, with a vocal warmth and energy that hints at the more stripped down moments of The Bangles. It’s just all manner of jangly goodness.


Lucky Idiot

Track:  Mud From:  Mud (single)  Label:  Sumoclic  Out:  Now
It’s rare to find something truly original in the general ball park of the jangle pop genre. This Australian act seem content to stretch the parameters of the genre as far as possible, mixing Melbourne dolewave with all manner of left field groove inflections.


French Cut

Track:  RDO  From:  RDO (single)  Label:  Sumoclic  Out:  Now
Mixing Scott and Charlene’s Wedding dolewave melodies with the frantic ramshackle of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, this is the latest Melbourne based act to make the world of jangly guitars sound so vital.


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