EP Review – Pièrce de Résistance by The Pierce Kingans (Boat Dreams From The Hill) (2020)

Less than three months after their quite beautiful last EP appeared to celebrate love as a desirable emotive construct, Vancouver’s The Pierce Kingans are back to delve deeper into the less flowery concept of the inevitability of love finishing it’s natural course, that was intimated at in the track Sometimes, from the aforementioned Rona Sessions EP.
With typical 60s/70’s pop persuasions coursing through the slightest of twee propensities, Opportunity Opus details the contention that we are products are our own personalities and tany expectation that we might change from one partner to the next is a futile one and yet, perhaps there is comfort to be taken from the appreciation of such desultory expectations.
If I could spend it again, I’d spend it with some one new
And fuck it all up
We’re the captains of our own demise
Don’t get caught in low tide
This is a theme that remains constant throughout the EP. Entropy, beyond the specific reference to predicatbility in the title, also accentuates the inevitability of the collapse of a relationship with the words:
Feels just like it’s entropy
Didn’t take much for you to leave
May it be the way I perceive?
Feels just like it’s entropy
All of the above emotive darkness is hidden in such tracks, with the Belle and Sebastian type ploy are telling nasty little stories in the most delightful of pop ways masking more sullen intent, but the message of this great songwriting is never truly diluted, despite the pop perfection it is engulfed in.
Perhaps to ensure that the message is truly accentuated at some conjecture in the EP, opener White Phosphorous, has a danker aesthetic, that whilst never suffocating like genuine Post-punk does hint at the stunning, emotive isolation and distant production that Cowboy Dinosaur have recently been excelling in. 
As some of you may know, the Subjangle label associated to this blog, will be releasing a compilation of he Rona Sessions EP and a dozen or so of the labels favourite tracks from their extensive back catalogue. This EP, has just made that choice of favourites, considerably harder. 
The Pierce Kingans:  Twitter  Instagram  Facebook
Boat Dreams From The Hill:  Twitter Instagram Facebook


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