Beat The Delete #0078 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hi all …thanks for joining us again for another batch of new music picks that have tantalized my aural cavities this week. Hope you enjoy them to and can see your way to buying a bit of their music and/or giving them lots of social media love.
See ya next week for more new music recommendations for you to check out.


Fred Thomas

Track:  Somewhere  From:  Another Song About Riding the Bus (Selected Songs 2002-2020) (album)  Label:  Antiquated Future Records Out:  Album out 26.10.20
Oddball, eccentric, jangly indie-pop, presented in a B-sides and Rarities album that is still likely to be better than the overwhelming majority of releases this year. This cassette is an absolute must to pre-order! 


Spiteful Bum

Track:  The Desert (Makes You Happy)  From:  Eastern Racer (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Elliott Smith style, lo-fi, jangly, indie-folk musings, coursed with an intimate melancolia, is the beautiful aesthetic of these Jason Ward led, West Virginians.


Occult X

Track:  Love  From:  Love (single)  Label:  Undead Serpent Out:  Now
Nashville based regular to Beat The Delete pages, provides consumptive jangle-gaze music to inspire Wake In June, The BV’s, Foliage (etc) fans.



Track:  Every Little Thing From:  Every Little Thing b​/​w Pretty Pictures (single)  Label:  Poison Moon Records Out:  Now
Wonderful Teenage Fanclub / Dropkick style fuzz laden power-pop, with a slight drift towards Americana, that ensures beguiling originality.


Soft Animal

Track:  My Little Habit  From:  No Fear (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
New Orleans based solo act, perfect for fans of fractured Pavement style riffs and the far left of left field jangle.


Tugboat Captain

Track:  Everything About You  From:  Rut (album)  Label:  Double A Side Records Out:  Now
The time is drawing closer for the release of the highly anticipated Rut album in the middle of October 2020. This latest single from the album gives another perfect reason to hit your most available pre-order button!



Track:  Red Star  From:  Red Star (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Iowa based five piece plant their flag somewhere equidistant between, jangly guitar pop and The Beach Boys harmonies. It’s all perfect sub-two minute sunshine!  


Jonas Music

Track:  Red Star  From:  Red Star (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Berlin based Jonas Boettger slides Harrison Whitford style isolated production, through tiny jangled riffs and gaze inflections to provide unmitigated beauty.



Track:  Stuck to You  From:  Red Star (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This Leicester based act remind me of the overtly jangly dream-pop of LIPS with an even the added accentuation of all that was precious about Cocteau Twins gaze. Truly stunning!


Mars Wagon

Track:  Lover  From:  Lover (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Truly original sound, coursing the more melodic late 80’s sound of The Cure and more recently The Pantones, with all that is vocally sunshine about the De Marco vibe. If there is such thing as perfect ‘grumpy sunshine’, this Orlando based foursome have found it !!!


The Goldhearts

Track:  Beach Butts  From:  Beach Butts (single)  Label:  Outtaspace Presents Out:  Now
Strange to hear an all girl act taking on the early 60s surf rock vibe and even stranger to have it juxtaposed with the indie cutesy of all things 60’s girl group pop…strange maybe, but perfect, in that it all comes together to thrive on melodies that make this an absolute earworm of note! 



Track:  For Polly Anna From:  For Polly Anna (single)  Label:  Allswell Records Out:  Now
ØZWALD is the side project of lead singer and guitarist Jason Wade and Steve Stout of the band Lifehouse. This track is everything perfect about all manner of The Beatles style 60’s pop and drifts towards the gorgeous playfulness of The Monkees…total aural sunshine directly from a retro 60s summer! 


Agent blå

Track:  Lay In My Arms From:  Atopos (EP)  Label: Kanine Records Out:  Now
Another act that slides the essence of late 80’s post punk darkness under all that is wonderful about chiming jangle. This Swedish five-piece refer to their sound as ‘death-pop’, but it is way to beautiful for such a moniker.


Pacific Purgatory

Track:  Boys Don’t Cry From:  Hibiscus (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Falling somewhere in between the 90’s chiming jangle of The Cry, the stunted riffs of Pavement and the current crop of brilliant jangle-gaze acts, Las Vegas based solo artist Ethan Silva displays a brilliance well beyond his 17 years.


Family Mart

Track:  My Anarcha​-​Feminist Crush From:  My Anarcha​-​Feminist Crush (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Family Mart is the sumptuous sound of the aural experience imagined if Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jr decided to play each others music…beautiful, melodic, muscular fuzz!!!


Proto Idiot

Track:  Head Straight From:  Fub (album)  Label: Rigmarole Records Out:  Now
From the janglier end of the X-Ray Spex, The Slits, Daisy Chainsaw sound. Perfect, slighty manic, left field jangle for those of us who do not insist on the genre being served up exclusively by the middle-aged fellas wielding a 12 string! 


Hidden Things

Track:  Outta Luck From:  Not Even Regret (album)  Label: Seehurst Records Out:  Album out 20.10.20
Brooklyn releases yet more jangle brilliance on the world in the form of this Greg Adams solo project. There are whiffs of the best of mid 2000s indie-pop (reminds me a lot of The Hidden Cameras) and huge dollops of the unbridled jangly melodies that the area so regularly produces.


Unicorns at Heart

Track:  Roud From:  Fall 2020 (Various artist compilation album)  Label: Z Tapes Out:  Now
This is the second time that the Brother’s Loredo’ have featured on Beat The Delete in the last few months. They are one of those few acts that manage to seamlessly blur the parameters between the bombast of indie rock and the genuine melodic intent of jangle pop. Great to see them included on a Z Tapes compilation. High praise indeed! 


AM Shanley

Track:  Redshifting  From:  Hellacious (album)  Label: Analogue Catalogue Records Out:  Album release date to be announced
Irish artist, collaborating with famed producer Julie McLarnon, to offer the most intense, jangly Elliott Smith type subdued beauty imaginable.


Opus Anthem

Track:  Surf and Synthesis  From:  Surf and Synthesis (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
This is a hard sound to describe so, for once I am going to lift the quote directly from the track submission notes which states: “This song is an instrumental with surf rock elements to it. The guitar melodies can best be characterized as a vamp of a melodic drone. Meanwhile, the melodic drone of these guitar melodies is juxtaposed by other instruments with their own droning characteristics (I.e. drums with a driving kick, a vamping bass line and several synth pads that swirl and intertwine upon themselves throughout the song). The song is arranged to evoke a reflective mood”
I was just going to say its all jangly and gorgeous but the above is far more erudite!  


Southern Space

Track:  Fairweather Friend  From:  Fairweather Friend (single)  Label: Melt Records Out:  Now
Has that  Fazerdaze feel, inasmuch that it introduces the potential for an earworm from the very first note and then delivers upon such a promise by delivering jangly riffs in lorry loads! Luscious jangly dream/indie-pop so typical of the sound the Phillipines excels in.


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