Beat The Delete #0080 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hi all …thanks for joining us once again for another bumper edition of our weekly new music recommendations of all the tracks that Beat The Delete button from the submissions that were sent last week.
I keep awaiting the moment when the JanglePopHub readership get bored of this weekly blog. However, for some reason you all keep coming back in your numbers if ‘If Willy WordPress and his bag of stats’ are to be believed…so thanks for all your support of both the blog and new indie music in general.
Remember to spread your fiscal and social media seed for any of these acts you like and to just support a hard hit industry in general, in whatever way is disposable to you…I know there are a bag load of acts below I want to keep around for as long as possible and a bit of love helps move that in the right direction !!!
Thanks for listening…Darrin



Track:  Terminal Daze From:  Terminal Daze (single)  Label:  Rama Lama Records Out:  Now
Foursome from Copenhagen, coursing typical, scandinavian crystalline jangly indie-pop, through the slightest of dream-pop and fuzz affectations. Another winner for a Swedish, Rama Lama Records label, who just keep ‘finding them’



Track:  New York, Paris and London From: New York, Paris and London (single)  Label:  Dalliance Recordings Out:  Now
Morrissey seduced vocals slid under a jangly post-punk texture that is overwhelmed by late 80’s The Cure melodies and the slightest of Joy Division sparsity. It would be hard to imagine a more perfect mix.


The Bats

Track:  Gone To Ground From: Foothills  (album)  Label:  Flying Nun Records  Out:  Album out 13.11.20
After 38 years of multiple releases, this is testament to the absolute brilliance of a band that refuses to stand still. I have never heard them sound so eerily melancoly as they do on this, the third single, from their much anticipated Foothills album.



Track:  Beautiful Lie From: Crayfish  (album)  Label:  RoastingHouse Records  Out:  Album release date TBA
One of a number of recent lost 90’s bands that are getting the ‘finally found’ treatment. This is the title track to a mid-90’s album that was never released and falls into the same beautiful, jangly indie-pop territory as fellow Swedes, The Cardigans.


Jimmy Herrity

Track:  Kinder World From: Kinder World  (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Swathed in gorgeous, jangly melancholy, Jimmy Herrity’s tracks tend to be those that engage the listener in a way that invites a mix of alone time, darkness and headphones. Truly beautiful.


The Drives

Track:  OCD From: OCD  (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Truly enlightening lyrics, detailing the struggle that some people have in seeking help with metal illness. Made even more pertinent by being presented in a perfect mix of power-pop and fuzz.


Justin Angelo Morey

Track:  Waving Hello From:  Waving Hello (single)  Label:  Silent Stereo Records Out:  Now
Black Hollies man, drifting psyche through jangly lo-fi strains and omnipresent levels of subtle / Americana.


Simon XO

Track:  Give You What You Gave From:  Give You What You Gave (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Simon XO is the moniker of Michael Armstrong and is an act that flirts as close as possible with ‘radio friendly’, before dragging it all back with the lucid nature of frequent, jangled melodies. 


Bad Spy

Track:  Heat Death of the Universe From:  Heat Death of the Unverse (album)  Label:  Ghostie Recordings Out:  Now
The title evokes visions of some sort of jangle-gaze act, reluctantly allowing the odd melody to simper through the melancoly. However, this acts is pure The Wondermints style, jangly power-pop and deserve to be celebrated for all that is wonderfully melodic about that sound.


Color Shy

Track:  Text Ur Ex From:  Strife of the Party (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
With a Snail Mail musical complexion coursed through a Soccer Mommy jangled lo-fi emphasis, Color Shy’s recent releases never stray far from ear-worm territory.


Professor and the Madman

Track:  Time Machine (radio edit) From:  Séance (album)  Label:  Posh Boy Music Out:  Album out 13.11.20
Utilizing that Tugboat Captain essence that takes all things 60/70s pop and filters it through the twee filter. A hard sound to perfect, but this act flourishes within it.


Orchid Mantis

Track:  Light Beyond (Right Now) From:  Far From This World (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Album out November 2020
Atlanta based act, who manages to present melancholy and malaise in the most perfect of gaze laden / dreamy ways. Next month’s album is eagerly anticipated.


Louis Mars

Track:  Cheated by Your Words From:  Cheated by Your Words (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Jangly/lo-fi at it’s best , making beauty out of all manner of melancholy and post-punk inflections, within the intimate confines of bedroom-pop.



Track:  I Like Her Teeth From:  I Like Her Teeth (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
All manner of fuzz laden, jangly, lo-fi rock nuances are thrown into the leftfield, beguiling mix of this New Jersey based solo man.


Absent City

Track:  Solid Ground From:  Continue Normal Living (album)  Label:  Homing Instinct Records Out:  Now
Their Bandcamp tagline states ‘worried anxious anthems’ which is pretty much the perfect feel to this sound. Jangly The Go-Betweens-isms, meets the warmth and washed our human emotion conveyed in act like Yo La Tengo, Titi Woo or Harrison Whitford.


The Strangerz

Track:  Straight Gay Brother From:  Straight Gay Brother (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The best of X-Ray Spex style 80 post/pop punk, mixed with the simpering buzzsaw inferences of the Buzzcocks. A Doncaster foursome with the coolest of yesteryear affectations.


Jaqualyn Taimana Williams

Track:  You Would From:  Guns of Dialogue (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  EP Release date TBA
Fuzz rock. The Breeders sense of alt 90’s massive and melody combined. Perfect, raw, guitar dynamism from Auckland, New Zealand.


Aled Edwards

Track:  Lockdown From:  Lockdown (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Second time that this act has featured on Beat The Delete pages in recent times. It is a run that is likely continue if he continues to return the jangle into a pop rock genre that seems to increasingly prefer a piano emphasis these days. Old school magic from a young man !


Dave Cherub 

Track:  Ship of Theseus From:  Dave Cherub (EP)  Label:  Octoshot Records Out:  Now
Jangly 70’s pop rock / indie folk, coursed with twanging Ryan Marquez riffs, makes for that sense of ‘pretty snarl’ from this Vancouver based solo act.


Rosehip Teahouse

Track:  A Million Times From:  Fine (EP)  Label:  Big Indie Records Out:  EP out of 09.12.20
Delicate jangly indie-pop, given the slightest of twee and dream-pop nuances. This Cardiff based five piece is everything that is cool about the modern day indie/dream pop scene.


Alrighty Aphrodite

Track:  New In Town From:  New In Town (Single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Too muscular for Peach Pit and too darn pretty for mid 2000’s The Kooks / Arctic Monkey’s stylistics, Hamburg’s Alrighty Aphrodite seem content to make the middle ground between all of the above, very much their own ! 



Track:  Better Man From:  Foliage (album)  Label:  Dowd Records Out:  Album out 06.11.20
Manuel Joseph Walker (Foliage) appears to have dropped some of the gaze affectations of his previous works, ramped up the Morrissey inflections and wrapped it all up in wonderful, shimmering jangle.


Dead Katz

Track:  Dance of the Dead From:  Dozens in Idaho (album)  Label:  Z Tapes Out:  Album out 2710.20
Beautiful, lo-fi, jangle-gaze…the typical sound of a Z Tapes label that seem to have a magnet enticing brilliance like Dead Katz towards them.


Cloud Cloud

Track:  Shut Up Kiss Me From:  Shut Up Kiss Me (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Do not be fooled by the initial solemnity of the Snail Mail style lo-fi jangle… You have been warned…do not let you ears point directly towards the chorus… You will never get it out of your head !!! One of 2020’s best singles so far !!!



  1. Some crackers here, spoilt for choice this week. I have gone straight for Bad Spy – hits my button (!) all the way through. Again, many thanks for all your efforts to bring great music each week.



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