EP Review – Do You Think It’s Not The Other Way Around? by Midden Heap (2020) (self released)

So, a pandemic is not great. We’re probably going to have to wear elasticated face hanky’s for evermore, pay a squillion somethings to pharma companies for regular vaccines (and suffer regular reminders by Brits about how they ‘saved the world’) whilst laptop screenings will become the new version of the ‘live’ sports and musical events that we used to enjoy.
That said, it’s not all been bad. For certain worthy pockets of musical creativity have been given extra time and space to thrive as the various governments of the world’s communal response to the pandemic has been to make people stay at home or increasingly force them to, due to unemployment.
Midden Heap is a prime example of the benefits of such extra time. As the lockdown project of two friends (Eric and Blake) from the Baltimore acts Corduroy and The Smashing Times, there was already an implied pedigree that their union could enthral those prepared to be enraptured by the alternative end of the jangle-pop spectrum, rather than those that insist on just it’s obvious pretty.
The potential is more than realised on this 5 track EP. The sound resides upon the  foundation of jangly, 80s indie-pop and especially the weird intricacies and sparse production of  the Television Personalities style, or any number of the current acts upon the Paisley Shirt Records roster.
Upon this, off-kilter jangled melodies chop, twist and truncate in the best tradition of current acts like Corduroy, Primo! or Daisy Chain, whilst strange, perfectly off key Half Man Half Biscuit style warbled vocals delve headlong into the perfect mess. 
This may be a singular lockdown project to help pass the hours, but it just seems and hopefully turns out to be, so much more than that.




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