Single Review – Slip Through The Cracks by The Umbrella Puzzles (2020) (Boring Spaghetti Records)

The beauty of being both the Editor of a blog / founder of a label is that occasionally the two worlds will collide, causing the absolute inevitability of unmitigated bias. 
Thus is it is so with this release as Ryan Marquez releases three (different) version of tracks that will be appearing on The Umbrella Puzzles, A Slowly Dawning Realization album, that is due out on our Subjange label on (a very reasonably priced!!!) CD in late February 2020.
Irreespective of bias (yeah! yeah?), this is good and I like to think that my adoration of all the various Marquaz project that regular readers have seen me write about on this blog, might temper accusations of label nepotism somewhat !
Either way, this is Marquez at his best and promises so much from the forthcoming album, with the title track buffering beautiful, casual indie-pop melodies with  inimitable dry twang riffs, that introduce all things Marquez, before he ever bothers to offer the sweetness of his made for indie/slacker-pop vocals.
Considering the remaining two tracks, Peace of Mind and Beautiful Noise, are supposed to be the outtakes (or the ‘rejects’ as he calls them in the Bandcamp release bio) of the forthcoming album versions, it is somewhat difficult to imagine where exactly he may have gone to add improvements.
Perhaps with slightly less tempo and a bit more dulcet introspection than the normal The Umbrella Puzzles sound, the tracks (perhaps) guess at a slightly more stripped down album that may well add even more emotionality and warmth.
Oh look at me…of course I have heard the new album. It’s great, Marquez is great, dry twang is great and my only real bias is just being an over enthusiastic, gushing, fanboy! 
See you on the release date of 26.02.21 !!!




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