The Ryan Marquez Interview with KXSF radio


At the back-end of 2019, our Subjangle label were hugely fortunate to collaborate with Ryan Marquez, who allowed us to release his self-titled, The Umbrella Puzzles EP. This will be followed up with his brand new A Slowly Dawning Realization album, that is out on 26.02.21.
He is a bit of enigma though. Not exactly shy, but never one to really court masses of publicity on social media, we are very fortunate to get to hear him being interviewed on KXSF 102.5 FM via M.J.Call’s, West of Twin Peaks Radio show. We even to get to hear him play a couple of tracks live, which has not traditionally been his favourite thing!
We do not usually promote our own acts on this blog, but Ryan is the most unnassuming fella the world has ever known and his musical talents deserve the biggest showcase we can get him.
So give the interview a listen at the Mixcloud link below (starts at around 59.00) and listen to him tell us about his 25year + indie-pop career (he was doing bedroom pop before even bedrooms were invented, let alone the internet!), forget the name of the wonderful track he was playing (LOL!), give a lovely shout out to the Subjangle label and explain how he has never really considered himself as a musician (like I said ‘unassuming’), despite his obvious brilliance (my words, not his) in acts such as The Golden Teardrops, Soda Jerk and Apple Orchard.


The Umbrella Puzzles  –  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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