Single review- Lemonade by Belinda May (2021)(self released)


Anything South East asiatic upon the jangle-pop landscape, tends to be immersed in a undeniable sense of sacharrine sweet. 
Whether it be the gaze inflections of an act like 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall, the fuzzy grumble of Lucie Too or the indie-pop cutesy of acts like Grrrl Gang or The Lousy Pop Group, the region tends to benefit from the naivety of youth and the natural ‘awww so nice’ sense of perfectly flighty they offer.
Not so prevalent in those parts (or indeed in any parts) is jangle edged sophisti-pop. Hopefully this second single by Japanese band, Belinda May, might just usher in a new persuasion towards a more flourishing pop production within the region.
Taking the retro sophisti-pop feel that is heavily reminiscent of Sapphire and Steel style ‘goregous-pop’ and assigning  it with everything that was so perfect about 90s twee and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart vocal delivery, this act takes all manner of retro and blends it superbly with the very slightest of dreamy, subtle gaze machinations. It’s an extensive explanation, suitable for a beautifully complex mixture of sounds.
I am not aware of any fact that intimates this single could be a precursor for a more substantial release to follow, but the sheer potential certainly deserves it.




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