Beat The Delete #101 (weekly new music recommendations)



Thanks for joining us for BTD #101 …very eclectic mix this week of jangly goodness ranging from the lowest of lo-fi to the most searing of melodic shoegaze and all manner of indie, surf, sunshine, jangle and power pop(s) in between.
If you still have any money left in this face-hanky new world ours then please support any of the following acts you like or indeed indie music in general or at least shower them with social media love so that they can find the ‘still solvent’.
See ya next week…Regards Darrin


Track: Across The City From: Across The City (single) Label: Wild Bare Records  Out:  Now
Every group of friends has one mate that the opposite sex like for no other reason than they have a strange sense of cool that no one can really describe. Tincho are the musical equivalent of ‘that mate’ !!!

No Suits in Miami

Track: Make You See From: Make You See (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Stunning mixture of The Sundays style indie-pop and Sarah Records fluttering fragility, all wrapped up in the slightest of gaze laden reference points.

Boh Doran

Track: Cat’s Cradle From: Cat’s Cradle (single) Label: INSRGNT ARTS  Out:  Now
This Los Angeles based chanteuse somehow manages to infuse subtle jangle into the most original sounding contempo pop around. One of those tracks that the mouse just keeps gravitating to.

How Scandinavian

Track: Clandestine From: Utility End (EP) Label: Chief Tizo Records  Out:  Now
Fuzz laden melodies from this brilliant Bryan Santizo solo project that have lay in the vaults for over a decade, only to re-emerge in all their ‘oh How Scandinavian’ glory!

Max and the Martians

Track: Clandestine From: All The Same (EP) Label: Perpetual Doom  Out:  Now
Originally released in 2019 and now getting a well deserved vinyl release via  Pepetual Doom Records! …Lo-fi, 60s inflected, jangly pop at its finest.


Track: That Picture Of Me From: Marriage [LP] (album) Label: Rama Lama Records  Out:  Now
Guitar driven, dreamy, melancolia, built upon the most glorious of isolated jangled riffs. This album is the Malmo based duo’s finest sound so far.

Ian McFarland

Track: Longboarding in my Slippers to the Convenience Store From: Longboarding in my Slippers to the Convenience Store (EP) Label: Gumdrop Records  Out:  Now
This Berkeley College of Music graduate can take his jangly, fuzzy, indie-pop in absolutely any lyrical direction…most of it gloriously irreverent! 

Penelope’s Thrill

Track: L&C Eternally From: L&C Eternally (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The Telephone Numbers style modern jangle, twisted through 60s pop machinations. One to thrill lovers of the jangle of the very yesteryear from Wisconsin’s Timothy Walsh.

The Mockery

Track: Together As One From: Miles From Alabama (Album) Label: Mock Records Out:  Album release date TBA
Lo-fi, jangly acoustics, with the slightly manic, impassioned feel of the Conor Oberst early catalogue. The eager wait for the new album is likely to be hugely rewarded.


Track: In A Frame From: In A Frame (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Alex G washed out vibes, juxtaposed with indie-rock muscularity and the better end of the commercial spectrum. A truly sumptuous sound from Dublin Singer/Songwriter Sean McManamon.

Together On Two

Track: Here’s Hoping From: Humble Exile (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
This Manchester, NH, threesome have a way of re-engineering modern day jangle-gaze characteristics to make the sound defiantly ‘theirs’. Think The BV’s at a slowcore tempo, with added fuzz and you will be in the right ballpark.


Track: Guessing In A Row From: Guessing In A Row (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Impossibly jangly Britpop abrasiveness meets Young Guv style lazy Jangle-rock. This Toronto based foursome add some grumble to the slacker vibe.

La Fonda

Track: Surf Pop Love Song From: New Self Old Ways (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Dreamy early era The Cranberries, mixed with just the slightest of haunting and masses of chunky, early Alvvays style, jangled riffs. This Seattle based six-piece create the most beautiful of swirling jangle.

High Sunn

Track: Deep Sigh From: Deep Sigh (single) Label: BIRTHDiY  Out:  Now
Ever since he started recording in his bedroom studio at the age of 14, San Francisco’s Justin Cheromiah has always had the gift to create chunky jangled melodies with the most precious commodity of lo-fi cool. The very best of all things bedroom.

Sock Jock

Track: Better From: Better (single) Label: Totally Real Records  Out:  Now
Ecleticism is the Sock Jock forte, as she generally manages to twist slight melancholy nuances through all manner of jangled machinations. Like Snail Mail with added energy and dare I say ‘cooler’?

Holy Monitor

Track: Blue Whale From: What We Have (single) Label: Blackspin Records / Primitive Music  Out:  Now
Clinic style electro/psyche mix, with subtle tinny jangle coursing through a perfectly pulsing, minimalist core. Like a prettier version of The Black Angels.

Sara Renberg

Track: Golden Age From: Butch Spring (album) Label: Antiquated Future Records  Out:  Now
Scrappy, jangly, lo-fi with equal parts abrasive Palehound attitude and bedroom-pop warmth, swathed in life’s minutiae. Its a beguiling mix from this Pittsburg based, indie-folk(ish) chanteuse.

Captain Rico & The Ghost Band

Track: Running in the Wind From: The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Dick Dale style jangly surf rock, directly from the deepest, darkest part of the early 60s. The perfect accompaniment to those moments of happiness that pop up out of nowhere!

Creature in the Spiral

Track: What We Have From: What We Have (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Falling equidistant between subtle shoegaze and the new fashion for ambient pop that is crafted from jangled riffs, this Raul Gonzalez Jr solo project crafts layers of beauty with every note.



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