Album Review – Full Power Happy Hour by Full Power Happy Hour (2021) (Coolin’ By Sound)


Although, at it’s very core, this debut album by Brisbane’s Full Hour Happy Hour has an indie-folk foundation, it is the juxtaposition with the jangle-pop of the Dunedin Sound, that really steers the aesthetic away from ‘just’ a rewarding sense of intimacy, towards a genuine feel of the ‘something special’.
As such the cleaner, crisp jangly riffs of the early The Clean sound that so readily augment Morning Juju and Golden Eggs, reside as natural bedfellows alongside the more dulcet, sparse minimialism of The Bats vibe, in tracks such as Heart Fell Out, Woohaa Everyday and Peter.
The sense of deliberately under-produced, always enables the incredible vocals of Alex Campbell to thrive without unnecessary clutter and competition. This is never more apparent in Crying Over Stitches and Steely Fences, which are more obviously traditional indie-folk and are driven by the stunning emotionality of the vocal delivery.
It is a different, perhaps untried twist, to all things Dundedin / Triple J / Australiana, but one that provides an incredibly rewarding listening experience.



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