EP Review – Let’s Get Shiny! by Shiny Times (2021) (Melotron Recordings)


2021 has been extremely kind to the Thessaloniki, Greece, based label Melotron Recordings, who have already released EP’s by The Lousy Pop Group and Cinema Lumiere, to the sort of critical acclaim that had the micro-blogs falling over ourselves to write nice things about them.
After the brilliance of February’s self released Starts With S EP, This Kim Hart-Weldin (one half of the immense Tape Waves duo) solo project is already back with a follow up, that will only help to augment the labels’ recent run of fine form and is fully deserving of the Limited edition / Special edition CD’s, that the label so lovingly puts together (artwork via the indie-retro brilliance of Casio Van Doesburg).
At the very core, this release reveals the artist to be a master of varying inter-connected subtleties. The opening double salvo of Dark Days and Be A Ghost juxtapose gaze inflected dream-pop, with the natural sultry tones of Mazzy Starr introspection, as intense fluttering riffs stand on their tip toes to just about be heard, amid the perfect usage of total under-production.
The beauty continues in So Alone and Scroll Away The Night (the only track included from the February release) with the infusion of the tiniest of The Umbrella Puzzles style twanging lo-fi riffs added to the mix, whereas Slowdive / Lush style gaze-laden melodies are accentuated with just enough affect to ensure a sense of their stunning omniprescence, on Empty Inside and Sort It Out.
This is one of those rare releases that offers so much to everyone, with fans of the fluttering jangly indie-pop of the late 80s anglo scene having their musical appetites satiated, alongside modern day jangle-gaze fans.
Grab a copy here...all the special editions are sold out since yesterday’s release and it will not be long before the 75 limited edition CD’s go the same way! Be rapid with a purchase !!!






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