Beat The Delete #0113 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks to everyone for visiting once more for Beat The Delete #0113. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a batch of BTD tracks like this lot…have a good dig about, there is plenty to love.

The Haunted Youth

Track: Coming Home  From: Coming Home (single) Label: Mayway Records Out: Now
You could call this act Belgium’s answer to DIIV, however they are just that little bit to dream-pop / Slowdive beautiful for that !

Doug Tuttle

Track: Lead Mask  From: Pinecone (EP) Label: Wild Honey Records Out: Now
Twanging The Umbrella Puzzles style riffs meets the best of the more subtle of Parker Longbough style fuzz. Tuttle has been the champion of jangly lo-fi for nearly 15 years now.

Laura Ribeiro

Track: Now or Never  From: Now or Never (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Tokyo based, Brazilian indie chanteuse, who course beautiful laconic Baby Girl jangle through the best of dreamy lo-fi sensibilities.


Track: Magic Mind  From: Magic Mind (album) Label: Royal Oakie Records LLC Out: Now
A glorious mixture of Orbison crooning perfection, jangly lo-fi and cinematic epic. 8+ minutes of beguiling beauty from this San Fran foursome.

At The Grove

Track: Farewell From: …And All The Fear We Left Behind (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Middleneck style instrumental beauty that eventually develops into a subtle and sumptuous fuzz. Ambient jangle at its very best from this solo project of Munster, Germany’s, Dennis Abstiens.

Southern Space

Track: Dwelling  From: Dwelling (single) Label: Melt Records Out: Now
Typically fragile, South East Asian jangly guitar perfection, that finally develops into the best of mid-2000s emo rock. Another winner from a Phillipines based Melt Records label that is permanently in form.


Track: Shina Ibu  From: Marriage (album) Label: Rama Lama Records Out: Now
Gorgeous, expressive made for indie vocals that heave with emotionality and are backed with a subtle fuzz and reverb that allow the tiniest of melodies to simper through. This Swedish duo present a dense sense of stunning.

The Pierce Kingans

Track: To Lose  From: Global Pierce Conference (EP) Label: Boat Dreams From The Hill Out: Now
Long time friends of Beat The Delete pages and a part of our Subjangle label roster, this Vancouver based act have long since assumed the mantle of our favourite left field, jangly bedroom-pop guru’s.

Cape Weather

Track: Alice  From: Alice (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Deep, dark emotionality, delivered with a sense of Cat Power sultry in the vocals of Natalie Smith and subtle jangled melodies. A truly stunning track from this California five-piece.

The Sugar Petals

Track: Talk It Out  From: Talk It Out (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Starting life as dulcet, Dunedin style jangle and flitting in and out of Cow style post-grunge, this act adds some fervent muscle to their subtle melodies and has been getting all manner of recent love from BBC Introducing.

Day & Dream

Track: Rabbit Hole From: Rabbit Hole (single) Label: Lilystar Records Out: Now
Glom style melodic jangle-gaze meets the hushed dream-pop tones of the L I P S aesthetic, is the beautiful modus operandi of this Asheville, NC, duo.

Ghost Prom

Track: Basement Glow From: Basement Glow (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Hurley, New York based duo, who course Pavement style, dulcet twang through a gentile sense of jangly melodic that hints at the Cool Sounds vibe.

Hesitant Waitress

Track: Another Dimension From: Temperance (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Imagine Phoebe Bridgers indulging her jangly. lo-fi, bedroom-pop urges and twisting subtle indie folk inflections into the mix. Orlando’s, Emma Branch, provides this and just that little sense of her own left field as well.

Svenskt Tonarkiv

Track: Inget man pratar om på festen direkt From: Inget man pratar om på festen direkt (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Swedish act that makes use of spindly, The Groove Farm, twanging / jangly / tinny riffs to make the most perfect of left field, melodic indie-pop.

Spiral XP

Track: Atrophy From: Drop Me In (EP) Label: Peaceful Tapes Out: EP Out June 2021
Washington state five-piece, who provide dulcet jangle based upon the better, more languid parts of a The Pixies / Dinosaur Jr amalgamation of sounds.

Tacono Gate

Track: Munich For Sale  FromMunich For Sale (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Minimalist Krautrock, structured around isolated riffs that drag you into a slight sense of foreboding with their jangled darkwave textures. It’s New Order occasionally reaching for the surf button. 

No Star

Track: Shiny Thing  FromShiny Thing (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Chicago duo, Ryan Thomas and Robert Donile, provide the sort of scuzzy lo-fi rock that jangles despite itself, through superb a host of tumbling, faux melodies.


Track: Taken by the Tide  FromOnce Home, No Longer (single) Label: Prefect Records Out: Album out 25 June 2021
Long time friends of Janglepophub, who consistently provide all manner of west coast sunshine and Real Estate style jangle, directly from the ‘frozen wastes’ of UK’s (north) east coast, Hartlepool.

Little Lungs

Track: Better in Blue  FromBetter in Blue (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP out 02 July 2021
Lifted straight from their promo blurb, “Little Lungs combines pop melodies, grungey guitars, and earnest lyrics to create soulful, infectious indie rock”…a perfectly apt description of this wonderful Baltimore based foursome.

Secret Agent

Track: Moros en la Costa  From: Magic Mind (album) Label: Royal Oakie Records LLC Out: Now
This Mexican act provide dark, dank, early 60s surf rock, mixed with everything the best Tarantino soundtrack should offer !!!

Cups & Spoons

Track: 6 Yellow Street  From: Leafy One (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
There is always bag loads of industrial, coldwave and dark Post-Punk coming out of Russia recently. However, this lo-fi, jangly folk, that segues huge amounts of left field originality, sounds as though it is derived from the most perfectly obtuse of bedrooms.


Track: All My Favourite Bands From: Wicked Machine (album) Label: Whole Lotta Nuthin Out: Now
This bedroom project of Chicago’s Cody Knauer, twists a 90s flat stringed Pavement essence around the best of modern lo-fi / bedroom pop and tinges of all things midwest.

Black Inti

Track: Let Go From: Let Go (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Only two singles in, this New Jersey based duo are already displaying huge potential with this mix between -ndie rock muscle and The Feelies style faux jangle. 




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