EP Review – Better in Blue by Little Lungs (2021) (Self released)


Long time readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of the EP as a format. Perhaps it signals my attention span is being drawn into some unconscious union with the increased prominence of ADHD Spotify generation.
However, I would like to think its just because I can recognize the fact that so many lesser known acts, provide so much good music on the format, as they balance the need to find resources for studio time, with simply getting their music out there, to stay relevant to their fans.
Baltimore foursome, Little Lungs, with this, their sixth EP release since 2014, confirm that they have somewhat mastered the format, with a release that is dominated by two nuances of guitar brilliance.
Initially the opening two track salvo of Act Your Age and Better in Blue, provide us with the signature sound that they have always revelled in. All rock at their core, with abundant hooks, incessant melodies and palpitating guitars lines, this aeshetic has always been able to appease fans of multiple genres like indie rock, jangle rock and alt.rock alike.
However, the best of Better in Blue increases both the jangle propensity and ultimately the beauty, with Overgrown and Keep Me Occupied swirling subtle jangled melodic riffs around the sumptuous focal point of a Leena Rhodes vocal delivery that is every bit as world weary, as it is all manner of sultry goregous.
Little Lungs are probably just one decent indie label and a full length release away from garnering the widespread critical acclaim they have always deserved. However, until then lets revel in the brilliance of this and (hopefully) further EP offerings.






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