EP Review – How I Feel Now by Fine (2021) (Self Released)


The Boston / Sheffield union of Alice Kat and Liam Marsh (aka Kid Chameleon) are back with another slice of three track beauty, that seems to fit so perfectly as an adage to the April 2021 release of I’m Glad It’s Over Now.
The opening title track is essentially something very un-Fine, but in the most beguiling of ways. Here the riffs tumble out of each other imbuing the aesthetic with a strange Americana presence, that augment lyrics that feel gloriously stream of conscious.
It is the relentless sound of a troubled soul that just wants to feel the energy of life rather than feel like it is just being lived. This is perfectly displayed in the chorus that states:
I think I know exactly what I need to feel
Anything more than I feel now
I just need love and to feel alive
Because my little flame is going out
The remaining two tracks are typically fragile, lo-fi beauty (on this release all tracks were recorded to an 8 track). Our Lives To Ruin is perhaps the finest moment of this act so far. Here the male / female vocals come together in a perfect harmony that can only be the result of a genuine affinity and connection. Neither party misplaces a note and as the track reaches a conclusion the listener knows they have been in the presence of something genuinely special.
The concluding, Embarrasing Dreams, is perhaps Fine at their most ‘signature sound’ on this eclectic EP. Still perfectly lo-fi, still couched in soft tempo, the track is laced with their trademark spindly, jangly riffs, that add a sumptuous sense of lucid to their omnipotent sense of subdued.
Fine just have that ‘something’ and more people should be aware of it.




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