Single Review – Milk Cup by Holiday Ghosts (2021) (FatCat Records) …Available on free download for today only !!!


There are times with the more laconic, lo-fi jangly chantesuses (i.e. Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Girl on Red) where I feel that my personal itch for a bit of tempo, sometimes detracts from my overall enjoyment of the otherwise beautiful vibe.
After the unfettered brilliance of their May 2021 release of North Sreet Air, Holiday Ghosts, engulf themselves in the unifying aesthetic of the above artists, but somehow manage to bypass my desire for a bit of dynamism.
Swathed in the sort of perfectly disnterested, southern UK accents, that were so special and dominant about the mid-90s female fronted Britpop acts and juxtaposing the fragility of Heavenly style jangled riffs, with the subtle twang / chime of the recent Gabriels Dawn guitar work, any tempo shift would just ‘spoil things’, on this occasion. Somehow they revel in finding such a perfect balance.
The Holiday Ghosts show another, late 80, indie-pop retro side to their musical arsenal and it’s firing the most mighty of jangle-pop bullets.
NB – Fatcat Records Facebook page state that the track is only up for today. So grab a copy quick on free download here.





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