Album Review – The Story Is After by Hamlet (2021) (Self Released)


After the sheer brilliance of the The Weather Has Landed EP, that Hamlet (the solo project of ex Lonely The Seebird and Guided by Voices tribute band The Heedonists, Chris Wales) released in February 2021, this prolific artist has already graced us with yet another, quite superlative album.
Thankfully, despite the slight increase in a sense of left field experimentation in certain tracks, the aesthetic never really veers to far from the previous EP and as such our follow button presses are rewarded with yet more delectable, dulcet fuzz and diluted, chiming jangle.
The best of the fuzz-laden tracks, such as Force Majeure and Cradle, are still very much Guided by Voices at their core, but with an augmentation provided by the sort of Elliott Smith melancholy that thrives upon the  contrast between the downtrodden and the sheer lucidity of the jangled riffs that course through the pervasive glum.
The other dominant aesthetic retains the fuzzy underbelly, but adds slighted thwarted dynamism, as Rain To Stop and Standard Deviation take the earliest The Bats style jangle and adds stunning, The Cry / early The Chills style chime to the very slightest of gaze propensities, before the closing Capsule and Trunks of Time tracks finally release the artists sense of obtuse that always bubbles just below the melodic surface.
This act tends to release in waves of activity. Ride them while you can !!!



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