EP Review – Hello by Miseryslims (2021) (self released)


After a hiatus of around four years, Manitoba’s finest fuzz-pop foursome, the Miseryslims, have released their third EP and thankfully time has not changed their musical attitude.
As such the EP has the same gloriously melodic fuzz-pop meets (nearly) gaze, as the predecessor releases, that it delivers in two primary nuances.
Initially, Hello is bookended by Living Together and Cub’s World, which layer increasing levels of fuzz laden riffs and dark, dank melodies, until they approach the absorbed atmospheres of all that is so brilliant about acts like Carriers, RGV and DIIV. It’s all jangle gaze with a definite emphasis on the gaze.
The remaining tracks, The Machine Stops and the simply superlative standout of Big On U, increase the extent of the melodies that are allowed to surface through the fuzz and augment it with the sort of vibrant tempos that force you to try and surpress   the urge to use the word ‘bangers’.
Back in the vinyl single era of the 80s and early 90s such tracks would be a double A-side, such is their incessant energy. These days they should fill the most popular Spotify playlists, but will not as they are filled by the plaintive vocals and programmed beats of blonde haired fellas with quirky haircuts (for the world is not fair!)
This act are probably just a debut album away from becoming everyone’s fuzz-pop favourite. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another four years for that to happen.





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