Album review – Magic Potion by Falconet (2021) (self released)


The very fact that this act comprise of Sally Jati of Starry Eyed Cadet  and Ken Aki of Herononhero! meanT that there was always the promise of a release that jangles with the best of them.
Thankfully such promised is fully released, as both of the typical sounds of both acts, come to the surface amid a core of all manner of dulcet, jangly atmospherics.
Initially tracks such as Train Song and Magic Potion, best represent the darker, rumbling dream-pop of the Aki / Heronohero! aesthetic (if you have not heard the brilliant self-titled EP he released with Gretchen De Vault back in October 2020 then, do yourself a favour and check it out here) as they chimes with the most melodic, almost post-punk machinations, of the sweeter end of the RGV / The Churchill Garden vibe. Both are the sort of ‘heavy’ beauty that can make a release memorable.
The prettier, lets call it the ‘Jati side, is also ominpresent as tracks like Falling Star, Goodbye and the truly superlative standout of Hydroplaning, augment the dulcet core with avibrancy provided by extra tempo and more concerted jangly indie-pop style riffs, that act as the perfect conduit for Jati’s, sweet ‘made for indie’ vocals to become beautifully dominant.
As a debut album, it is testament to the absolute quality of this duo that there is not one track that is not simply engulfed by a sense of enchanting. Offered throughout September 2021 on a name your price basis, this is well worth parting with a few of your Bandcamp Friday shekels for !







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