Single review – Supermarket Love by Pale Spectres (self released) (2021)


Some of you might remember the superb eponymous EP (out of Cloudberry Records) Pale Spectres, released back in 2017, that received honourable mentions in numerous end of year ‘best ofs’.
Thankfully, after over four years, the Parisien foursome are back with this self released, Supermarket Love single that retains the same essence of jangled quality whilst taking something of a detour in holistic nuance.
If the debut EP was all smooth, sunshine meets surf pop in its jangly aesthetic, the latest incarnation of sound visits an altogether more 80 / early 90s retrospect. For this track takes the melodic of The Cure style jangle meets post-punk riffs as the dominant core and adds just the slightest bit of guitar-pop modernity to the sound.
This musical backdrop acts as the perfect vehicle for a vocal delivery that has the obvious strains of the laconic early 90s The Lightning Seeds vibe, as the tracks melts perfectly into absolutle ear-worm territory.
There is no mention of an album being in the imminent pipeline, in fact when asked on their Facebook page when an album might be released they jokingly reply “11 years and 3 months according to data predictions” … however, if any eventual album is as good as this single, it should be worth the wait.




One comment

  1. I definitely hear the Cure in there… And maybe some New Order? The supermarket motif calls to mind Belle and Sebastian’s “Perfect Couples.” I also can hear a distant echo of Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town” in the melody. Nice track!


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