Album review – view – We’re Trying Our Best by Sweet Nobody (Daydream Records)

Perhaps the last release, by a hirtherto superb Daydream Records label that are on something of an indefinite hiatus, Sweet Nobody seem destined to ensure any possible definitive goodbye has immense relevance, with these tales of the challenges, insecurities and support received in relation to frontwoman, Joy Deyo’s, recent fight with a condition causing chronic pain.
Such thematics are offered to the reader in three quite distinct nuances of jangly intent. Initially the most melodic and ‘indie-pop sweet’ of the release can be heard in the sheer brilliance of Not A Good Judge, Why Don’t You Break My Heart and Five Star Diary
Such tracks somehow managed to find the sweet-spot between The Sundays style of jangly indie-pop, the smooth laconic melodies of The Cardigans and the dreamy modernity of Holy Now sound. Reference to all these acts are heard throughout these tracks and of course there is no greater testament to their levels of total melodic sweetness.
Thankfully, the album as a whole avoids any accusations of saccharine as Rhoda, White Lies and Little Ghost show this Long Beach foursome to have a definitive ‘edge’ to them, as they provide sounds that show them to be among the finest purveyors of melodic, almost post-grunge, fuzz-pop / rock, with the Deyo vocal sweetness always, just about pulling them back, from the alt.rock precipice of no-return. 
A Sweet Nobody also do ‘hushed’ as well as any modern act. With the Mazzy Starr introspection of Young In Love and If I Should Die Tonight, once again benefitting from an extra energy and lucidity in the vocal delivery. Both are stunning tracks and display the vocal repertoire of Deyo to its fullest.
Whilst lazy professional music journo’s and amateur ‘blog hacks’ like myself are usually falling over ourselves to slide ‘difficult sophomore’ into their articles, Sweet Nobody have just got on with the job of releasing their best album yet and one that promises so much for the future.







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