Album Review – Daily Events by Meyverlin (2021) (Too Good To Be True)


Meyverlin are something of French indie-pop super group. Rooted in all things jangly anglophile 80s, they consist of Thierry Haliniak (My Raining Stars), Philippe Lavergne (Les Freluquets, Qu4tre, Herzfeld, Country Club, Walter & Lavergne) and lyricist (Gilles Ramey (Montmorency, kop de Boulogne).
The album is largely separated by tempo nuance rather than any distinguishable difference in beauty, with the most dynamic of the tracks juxtaposing subtle 14 Ice Bears style jangly guitar pop with a vocal delivery that drifts off into laconic The Lightning Seeds sunshine in Nice Guy and Shades.
The jangle becomes more lucid and the tempo more incessant in the Close Lobsters style riffs of Policy, which gathers further momentum to end up in the controlled freneticism of Rebellion and it’s Black Tambourine / The Wolfhounds energy.
Despite the brilliance of the above, Daily Events reaches a peak in Dying Love, Colourblind, Archangel and Months. Here the driven guitar pop, is replaced by a jangly indie-pop, that touches upon slight twee-pop machinations, whilst all the while being couched by a Mighty Mighty aesthetic that is the perfect vehicle for the made for indie vocals of Thierry Haliniak.
Destined to be in the ‘best of 2021 albums’, of all the micro-blogs that really matter, Meyverlin‘s debut is genuinely accomplished.





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