Beat The Delete #0133 (weekly new music recommendations)


Many thanks for joining us once more for Beat The Delete #0133. It always amazes me how many visits we get for this weekly article of weekly new music really is genuinely apprecited.

Here's hoping you find a new favourite from within the 15 acts below.

Rural France

TrackHosepipe Ban FromRF (album) Label:  Meritorio Records Out:  Album out 29 October 2021
Third and final flyer single from a highly anticipated RF album that is due out on Friday and is destined for the year ‘best ofs” of all the more discerning blogs and zines. Undoubtedly another winner from the Janglemeisters over at the Meritorio Records label.

Slack Times

TrackCan’t Count Anyone FromAt The Blue Melon Rendezvous (album) Label: Earth Libraries Out:  Now
Americana / psyche-rock spiliced with the most lucid of jangled riffs. Another absolute winner from am always in form Earth Libraries label.

Kid Chameleon

TrackPull of the Bulrushes From: Pull of the Bulrushes  (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This Liam James Marsh (also of Fine, The Tired Eyes, Bed Bound by Summer etc) project, provides introspective, jangly bedroom-pop, that heaves with lyrical and musical beauty in equal measures.

Mazey Haze

TrackDon’t Care FromAlways Dancing (EP) Label:  Lustre Out:  Out Now
Amsterdam based chanteuse, whose sound lies soemwhere between the jangly sense of spacious of Alvvays and the the more commercial brilliance of Pixey.

People Mover

TrackNeed It From: People Mover (EP) Label:  Little Lunch Records Out:  Album out 29 October 2021
Mixing the laconic, jangly indie-pop of Palehound at their most reserved and that 90s sense of The Sundays indie-chic lusicious, this Brisbane based  duo, is one of best new (old) sounds around at present.

The Bell Towers

TrackNo Reason to Cry FromMagnetic (album) Label:  Kool Kat Music Out:  now
In January and February 2021, The Belltowers released two EP’s (Magnetic: Reel One and Magnetic: Reel Two). Enticed by the jangly rickenbacker psyche, the Kool Kat Music label has release both on one CD. Highly recommended, grab a copy here.


TrackJärkytysFrom: Tvärtom (album) Label:  Self released Out:  now
Helsinki based jangly indie-poppers, that defy any language barriers (all tracks are in Finnish) by virtue of a late 80s / early 90s retro sound, that represents arguably the best the indie-pop genre ever had to offer.


TrackShotgun Seat FromShotgun Seat (album) Label:  Sel released Out:  now
Rootiger is the indie rock solo project of Pennsylvania’s Mark Dunford, who courses Buit to Spill style jangly dulcet, through the driven indie rock style of Cayetana.

Parker Longbough

TrackOff Front Street FromOff Front Street (album) Label:  Wilderhood Music Out:  now
After the brilliance of the January 2021 Crackle / Hiss album, Alaska’s Parker Longbough is already back with another quite superlative album of twisted fuzz-pop, soaked in lo-fi production and faux melodies.


TrackUnder a White Sky FromUnder a White Sky (single) Label:  Self released Out:  now
Mixture of OMD style synth and DIIV jangle, modern post punk beauty, is the musical modus operandi of German brothers Tom and Mike Zitzelsberger.

Bridge Dog

TrackFormer Life FromFormer Life single) Label:  Self released Out:  now
Mo Troper style jangly, fuzz-laden power-pop, meets the late 80s, anglo indie-pop preciousness of the Dum Dum Girls / Talulah Gosh…sounds appealing? Well, its even better than that !


TrackBright Stars and Black HolesFromIt’s All Fiction (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  now
Mid 80s era The Cure style, jangly post punk riffs, mixed with perfect droning, Morrissey style vocal inflections and slight gaze laden machinations. This debut EP has everything for committed anglophiles.

Novelty Island

TrackJangleheart FromHow Are You Coping With This Century (album) Label:  Think Like A Key Records Out:  now
Washed out 60s / 70s pop, whose retro production and slight jangled riffs, justifies the Abbey Road studio production. Sumptuous laconic pop from start to finish from this solo project of Tom McConnell.

The Avocados

TrackTequila Derby FromTequila Derby (single) Label:  Found Object Records Out:  now
Early 60’s, Dick Dale style surf rock with the added twist of the hammond organ making things all manner of ‘sunshine playful’.


TrackLooking For Ways FromLooking For Ways (single) Label:  Pontiaq Out:  now
70s style pop rock with extra jangled strains and laconic washed out melodies, is the sunshine vibe of this solo project by Lisbon based, Pedro Castilho.


TrackDream All Day Ban FromDiamondtown (album) Label:  Label Obscura Out:  Album out 29 October 2021
Equidistant between muted indie-folk, dreamy gaze and jangly indie-pop, this Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, based foursome define genre parameters in the best possible manner.

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