Beat The Delete #0135 (weekly new music recommendations)


There was a time before Bandcamp Friday where many bands used to release "new" music on the first Friday of the month...then Bandcamp Friday came along and our gmail accounts became flooded with offers to buy that 2012 digital demo single that did not quite see the light of day back then, or a tote bag for $119.00. 

New releases on the first Friday of the month have now largely become a thing of the past, apart from a few hardy souls like the ones below who are taking on what Bandcamp Friday has become and trying to make it relevant again with their NEW releases !

Thanks to them and thanks to you for joining us again for the latest Beat The Delete...we hope you find a new favourite !!!

Chime School

TrackTaking Time To Tell You FromChime School (single) Label:  Slumberland Records Out:  Now
This solo project of San Francisco’s Andy Pastalaniec, will undoubredly be gracing the “best ofs” of all the better micro-blogs that genuinely matter in a few months time, with its The Byrds style jangled riffs, being cranked up with the modernity of incessant rock energy.

Yellow The Sun

TrackFirefly FromFirefly (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now
Sun drenched hazey, that drops with a laconic Aussie coastal psyche sound reminiscent of Babe Radio, with added layers of lucid jangled riffs splicing the lazy atmosphere.


TrackTable For Four From: Table For Four (single) Label:  Contract Kill Records Out:  Now
Somewhere equidistant between the slack stringed sparsity of the Yo La Tengo vibe and the Soccer Mommy female chanteuse laconic and culminating in the best of Palehound fuzz and grumble, this Oakland, Calfornia, duo of Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett, could be the first big thing of the post-pandemic scene.

Club Filatelico Jose Peralta

TrackLa Playa From: Motherf​@​#kers (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Uruguayan act whose sound lies somewhere brilliantly equidistant between lo-fi, surf rock and the very slightest of gaze. The entire EP is highly recommended!

Blanco Tranco

TrackShapeshift From: I’ve Been Dying To Tell You (EP) Label:  Honeyglider Records Out:  Now
Jangly surf rock, shifting through Post-Punk machinations and a slight sense of energetic ramshackle, makes Blanco Tranco another act preparing to take their place at the shoulders of Melbourne’s jangle-pop giants, with this superb debut EP.


TrackSticky Sweet FromSticky Sweet (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Another wonderful act from Brooklyn, NY area, to have the finest appreciation of jangle-pop. Imagine the Snail Mail sound with extra layers of resounding chime and you are just about in the right musical ballpark fof this wonderful debut single.

MT Vice

TrackLet It Be FromLet It Be (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Nashville based duo, coursing dream-pop, with sultry L I P S style vocals and chiming, jangled riffs. This is sumptuous sweetness from start to finish.

Late Note

TrackAquatic Leisure From: Mint Metallic Submarine (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Late Note is the solo project of North South Wales’ (Australia), Darren Mitchell, who mixes a melancholy ambience with jangled chime, to produce a wonderfully hypnotic sound.

Neil Brogan

TrackEvening Primrose From: Evening Primrose (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Ex Sea Pinks man continues with his prolific solo project, providing more brilliant understated jangly indie-pop, coursed with a finely tuned sense of self deprecation and appreciation for life’s minutiae.

Sea Lemon

TrackSunday FromSunday (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Nothing is given away about the identity / location of this act in any bio I can find, so their Alvvays meets Poppongene aesthetic will need to be the obvious (and perfect) jangly selling point.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults

TrackCorners Pressed FromCorners Pressed (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This latest single from Austin, Texas foursome, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, visits everywhere from indie-pop to post-punk to shoegaze, without ever once taken their eye off a melodic jangle-pop core !

The Antelopes

TrackHour Of Light FromBreaking News (album) Label:  Floating Mill Records Out:  Now
Odd Hope style left field, jangly post-punk, that mixes the darkness of Fad Gadget to irresistably, dulcet, dominant riffs. A superb resurrection for this brilliant 80s act from Floating Mill Records.


TrackI Hate People FromCase Study Songs (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Deathsport is the project of German brothers Tom and Mike Zitzelsberger. Their brand of indie rock has a somewhat massive, stadium quality to it and is constantly mixed with the best that downplayed, jangly riffs have to offer.

Marc Schuster

TrackBlack Boots FromBlack Boots (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Twanging, chiming, melodic jangly pop rock just like the guitar gods decreed. This Pennsylvania based artist creates stunning beauty out finely coiffured simplicity.

Night Shop

TrackFor A While FromForever Night (album) Label:  Dangerbird Records Out:  Album out 01.12.21
Beautifully burnished, 70’s style, jangly pop-rock emotionality, from the solo project of The Babies and Kevin Morby drummer, Justin Sullivan.

Saints Among Sinners

TrackIkhlas FromY/ours (album) Label:  Spiky Fruits Out:  Now
Singaporean quintet, that share a sweet, gaze laden sound with countrymen, Coming Up Roses, but take their sound into a more daring, muscular territories. Another great act from a country in huge indie-pop / gaze form at present !

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