EP Review – I’ve Been Dying To Tell You by Blanco Tranco (2021) (Honeyglider Records)


There is an age that you get to as a male, where finding something attractive about a young female (before, eyebrows are raised, an adult female), starts to be considered by the sections of society that spend too long considering such things, as entering into dirty old man territory. As such we tend to sidestep the issue by using adjectives such as sultry, instead of sexy, in a desperate attempt not to be seen as overtly pervy.
Sultry does not really cut it for the vocals of Tiff Brown though, as Homecoming and Trophy Hunting sees her drift casual, Britpop style disinterest, through dreamy L I P S meets Hope Sandoval vocal introspection, as Matt McTiernan provides gloriously melodic chiming jangle, that serves to illuminate chunky post-punk basslines and pounded drums that have no right to be so close to such a beautiful noise (but you’re glad they are) !
This ‘sultry’ sweet, is tempered by antithesis within the EP, as Shapeshift, Let and Rosie, take a more jangle-rock direction. Here, increased tempo develops into a Biitchseat style intensity and dynamism, that never fails to enthrall, as it heads full on into Elastica / Republica territory, whilst ensuring that the chime remains omnipresent, amid a slight The Pantones post-punk vibe.
With the superlative Melbourne jangle-pop scene being largely dominated by the whole dolewave thing, Blanco Tranco provide some much needed energy to the city’s jangle.






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