Singled Out – Superb new singles by Happypills, Shop Window, Jetstream Pony, The Hepburns (feat Estella Rosa) Why Bonnie and Triangle Rain Club.

There were so many great singles released this week that I thought I would put them all in one article as, a) I am just way too lazy to write five full reviews and b) some of the artists have albums out in a couple of week, which, unless they have become all rubbish since their last release, will be reviewed.
Anyhow…enjoy the latest singles from the following acts:

Spinout Nuggets act, The Shop Window, have released their latest single, Lay of The Land (below), which is typically 90s in muscular jangle-pop texture, but perhaps treads a bit closer to the whole distant, isolated production of the era’s Madchester, Primal Scream / The Charlatans sound.
As always, it is bursting at the seems with riffs. However, this time they chime with perfection rather than jangle. It’s a sound resonate with a comparative difference to what they have released before, but one that is just as typically beguiling.

Anybody who uses the expression “criminally underrated”, either vocally or within text, should be hung, drawn and quartered at the Tower of London for crimes against the English language, for it is not a criminal act to underrate something.
However, if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to use such a term, I would say Japanese act, Happypills, is criminally underrated, before vomitting in self abhorrent shame, like a teenager on their first alcopop binge.
For Half Asleep (see below) is yet another example of the beautifully fragile, lo-fi surf rock, that this artist always manages to infuse into the subtle gaze and jangled riffs of its delicate musical mists.

There was a time when the various label promo bumpf for Jetsream Pony used to mention that their various members were something of an indie super-group, having played in acts like The Wedding Present, Turbocat, Aberdeen, The Luxembourg Signal, The BV’s (etc etc etc…).
Since then, over the course of a handful of releases, they have becomes the worlds’ greatest fuzz pop / rock band and simply ooze that indefinable indie-chic that only comes naturally to a select few and now such historical references points are not really needed.
This flyer, Seven Days single (see below), from the forthcoming Misplaced Words EP (out on 26.11.21 via Spinout Nuggets) is possibly their finest track yet and typifies their absolute brilliance.

The Hepburns were once just The Hepburns. In fact a lot more than ‘once’ were they such, considering this Welsh sophisti-pop act have been releasing the smoothest of indie-pop since the late 1980’s.
The introduction of Estella Rosa (of Nah, jangly indie-pop fame) adds another layer of smooth beauty to their sound, as the Septembers’ release of the first, The Other Side of Grey single from the forthcoming Architecture of the Ages album (out on Elefant Records on 26.11.21) is joined by a Five Miles of Line track that could be the sweetest, cutest, sophistipop track, you may well have every heard. See video below:

Upside Down is the latest single of the Triangle Rain Club (with this particular track featuring Drew Keenan) which is the bedroom-pop, recording project of a Chicago’s, Austin Smith, who has released five superb singles since April 2021.
Thriving on a late 80s, The Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz, through which he allows more than the usual amount of jangled riffs to filter to the surface, Smith’s is the most lucid jangle-gaze sound around at present, with Upside Down (see below) being his finest release so far.

In a good week for bedroom-pop, Austin, Texas based quintet, Why Bonnie are back with their first new release in over 18 Months.
Drifting, chiming jangle-pop riffs, through a beautiful sense Soccer Mommy vocal laconic, Galveston will be lyrically poignant to anyone who has left ‘home’ and feels that they may be losing exactly what their sense of ‘home’ once meant to them.
In typical Why Bonnie fashion, this is stunning both lyrically and musically as the band underlines their potential to become the Fat Possum Records flagship act.



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