Album Review – Videocassettes by Videocassettes (2021) (Self released)


After the releasing eight increasingly acclaimed singles since early 2020, the Argentinian quintet of Videocassettes have finally shown that they are not merely a singles band and can course their vital brand of jangly dynamism throughout an entire release.
Essentially, this is a band of absolute vitality. Best represented by Extraño, Sueños and Quiero ser tu novio, there is the tendency for the sound to move towards the enthralling Ducks Ltd vibe, that flirts with stadium indie rock, but is always eventually tethered by the sense of too melodic and too jangly, that the readers of this blog usually celebrate!
Unlike their aforementioned Canadian counterparts, Videocasettes can and do slow down in terms of tempo and intensity. Here tracks such as Perdón, El Cassette de Joy Division and the album’s truly superlative stand out of Perdiendo el tiempo, dwell upon an initial jangly indie-pop core, that is subsidized by the beautifully twee-pop vocals that many Spanish language acts excel in, before eventually developing into a more passionate vibe, that is obviously their default mode. Such tracks are a subtle laconic ying to the more forceful yang of the remainder of the album and the overall release thrives on such a contrast.
Although the tracks are released in Spanish, this is one of those glorious vibes that just transcends any language barrier and the importance of lyrics. Truly a band to watch for the future !!!





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