EP Review – Come, Have a Look at the Stars by Gushh (2021) (Self released)


I run this blog, a music label, have interests in other business and three kids who are at that age where the frequency of the hands held out pleading for money, is only matched by their insistence that I am their official taxi service. Life is hectic, but never dull. If I am honest, I thrive on the whole frantic thing.
There are the occasional moments when I get a few hours of actual downtime. Alone in my study. Kids out, wife watching some sort of ‘Pets win Houses’ type reality show. Its quiet. It has the potential to be beautiful.
Over the preceding year or so, Gushh, the solo recording project of Bristol based, Richard Stockley, has been one a select few, musical accompaniments to these snatched moments of blessed alone time, as the essential beautiful ambience of his previous Surf ‘N Turf album never fails to justify darkness and investment in a decent pair of headphones. Even despite extensive listens, i always find some new beauty in this release.
Come, Have A Look at the Stars has the same ambience in tracks such as Here We Are Still, Tired, All the Same and As Thoughts Float on By. All Middleneck style spacious, subtle gaze laden jangled intricacies and riffs that knock at the doors at the boundaries of surf-pop, the holistic aesthetic is a mixture of sounds that never fails to consume every space within my mind. Total relaxation.
The above tracks are the calm after the initial, double salvo opening storm, of For A Brief Moment and Drifting Through The Empiness of Space. Both commence with typical Gushh, jangled ‘space ambience’, however they gradually take a detour into the sort of guitar driven mayhem that is all at once is ‘so not Gushh’ and shoegaze laden, but still truly melodic. It is an energy he has not ‘fully’ moved within before, but one he acclimates to, with beautiful aplomb.
Richard Stockley deserves to be on as many of the micro-blogs that matter in terms of critical acclaim and also being played through the headphones of as many precious ‘you’ moments as possible.







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