Single Review – No Contact by Heart Shaped (Poison Moon Records / Unique Technique Records)


After the critical acclaim of December 2020’s, Second Hand EP, this Belfast based Heart Shaped project of Kendall Bousquet, are already back to cement their place in our dreamy, fuzz laden affections, with this superb No Contact single.
The two tracks are separated by definitive nuance shifts, if never by any detraction in overall quality. A-side, No Contact, displays the laconic, hushed, sense of left field dream-pop, that is reminscent of a mix of the very earliest melodic sounds of Girl Ray, juxtaposed with the spatial, almost distant production of fellow Belfast act, Bobsled Team, with floating melodies that are shrouded in fuzz and subtle gaze like inflections.
B-side, Version of You, has far more bite. Flirting with a core of similar fuzzy dream pop, it intermittently escalates the reverb and distortion throughout the track, before such noisy mayhem eventually engulfs the sound in a glorious noise-pop amalgamation, at the tracks’ finale. Throughout this subtle cacophny the fluttering, sacharinne vocals of Bousquet, just about manage to tether the sound into to some sort of coherent whole. It is a fight, but it is this conflict that simply makes the track.
This single was released in the middle of January 2022 and somehow I missed it, until a kind Janglepophub reader point it out it’s absolute brilliance, at the weekend. I am so glad they did !!! …grab yourself one of the last handful of lathe cut vinyl 7″ singles here.






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